THOUGHT OF JIGME ZANGPO: Hope of success go along with kenchosum.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hope of success go along with kenchosum.

Hoping a success and sweating is not the solution for me. As I believe in what we called the previous karma. If we have a connection in previous life that what we are doing this life, then thing will be much organize one. Praying to Tsa- Wa- lam and kenchoksum along with hardship is what I believe to have a success. To proceed my duty, I first pray to kenchosum. To let my proceed task shouldn’t be struck on the way. I regret for wasting my life doing meaningless task. I will bring my mind home and at least train my mind to be stable. Just by praying to kenchosum is not a solution for way to success. It’s only the way that’s your plan have no struck on the way of pursuing what you are pursuing