THOUGHT OF JIGME ZANGPO: Responsibility coming on the way

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Responsibility coming on the way

Being an elder brother from family is something to shoulder that younger’s brother and sister cannot do. The duty and feeling of eldest brother is good if I can serve my family. The burden of being elder brother, when I think of serving my family at this juncture when it’s impossible for me, is really a disheartening and feeling sad. The incapability of serving family at this juncture when it’s time to serve made me to think a lot. Sometime the unending thoughts especially at night, when I go to bed disturb my mind mentally and let my sleep go somewhere. I don’t know how my brother and sister have thoughts on serving of family. For me it’s something a tension when think of serving needy family at this point. I control my mind, not to think about it because thinking just adds tension in my mind. If the thinking of serving family is the solution in reality, the countless thoughts of mine in serving would have done, what I am supposed to do. So, thinking gives me a problem and I try to do away. I am eager to serve my family as fast as I can.

The gratitude for parent in bringing in this wonderful world and given every possible thing to me is always within me and now it’s my turn and times to repay my parents. Father and mother, for me, is everything. I have nothing to compare them in this world in terms of great. In fact they are greatest in this world. I am sad to know that I can’t repay them even in my next life. So I wish I am child of them till the mother earth exits. Seeing what I wish is impossible, remind me of only solution in repaying parents by having entered as a monk with pure mind. The hardships they have taken in bringing the sibling to condition that society believe is really a difficult task. Thinking the difficulties they have undergone, I have nothing to repay at this point of time when I am also in needy condition but I only I could do is to pray to kenchosum and Tsa-Wa-Lam to let my father and mother be the happiest man and woman on the earth. I wish always that my father and mother is in good condition. I love my dad and mum. And I love my sister Yedam Dema who always with my father and mother. On top of thanking father and mother for caring me, I have again somebody to thanks them. They are none other than my responsible sibling who always helps in serving our dad and mum. All my brother and sisters have soft mind and have mind to look after dad and mum and among us. I love my brother and sisters. I am sure that I could give my sister Yedam a good time when I am serving family after few years.
 I love dad,
 I love mum,
I love elder sister Lhamo,
 I love brother Dorji,
 I love sister Yedam and Salung, And finally my love to Sonam lhaden and kenchosum and Tsa-Wa-Lam.