Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sorrow of 2005

Sorrow of 2005 still lingered in my heart. The unbelievable sorrow, because it was just simply unbearable which I had better experienced for past year. The stimulus of sorrow hurt me a lot and letting my heart to breaking into pieces. The sharp sorrow which can be compared with sharp knife which doesn't cut apple into piece but my heart till the bottom gives me a sense with no touch. The nonstopable thought of event of sharp sorrow is always within me.

I tried to void it but couldn't. I am back to world for second time in this life. I am confused when I say coming world for second time. I can clear my confusion when I compare who I am right now and who I was and what the condition was in 2005. I was almost dead in 2005. Having the condition that I appreciated is what I called life for second time in this life. I am who I am right now. For me being the man that going to stand before crowd was only because of my ken-cho-sum , tsa-wa-lam and family. Father, mother, brother and sisters are whom I offer my gratitude and felicitation along with pure mind. To them I have long way to go in repaying them and respect them. I thanks for them for sharing my unforgettable and unbearable sorrow of 2005.