THOUGHT OF JIGME ZANGPO: The day to look back and thank them

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The day to look back and thank them

The day to look back. When I say I am successful I should not forget whom to thank for letting me to follow the track of success. The only source may be equals to chief advisor, the parents is non-other than our 2nd parent the teacher. The 2nd May of every year celebrated as teacher’s day in spite of celebrating birth anniversary of the 3rd druk gyalpo Jigme Dorji Wangchuk in Bhutan. I extend my heart felt felicitation to wish all time of teacher to have a wonderful life ahead for their selfless dedications and hard work in shaping of every students. It’s not on 2nd may that I wish a teacher but the unnoticeable prayer and thought of teacher to have good life is always within me

.1, 2, 3, ………………………………………… …….63,64. I count the number of teacher that taught me till date. Its 64. I don’t know how much teacher that I have. That was only counts that taught me but there are many teacher who gives me the valuable advice which in fact change my course of life to fine one. As rightly said “if there is no teacher, there will be no Buddha. The Buddha of past are all product of teacher”. Teachers are the candle that gives us a light in the dark room. Our ignorance is made to vanish by our teacher. They are in fact our entire sight that let to see the mother earth. Therefore, there is nothing grate than a teacher. Teachers are the source of knowledge, path of success and wisdom too. Without them we are like a frog of pond having time seeing limited space up in the sky and have nothing opportunity.

Now, to reader hold your mind for a while to reflect back to the childhood day, you caring by teachers. Take up in position such that legs are being crossed and place your hand pump facing sky and lean on your thigh. Take a long breath and go back to the time that you are in pp. What you have in pp. stage? Who modified your life? ……………………….If you at least remember what you were in that stage, you might have realize how important is teacher to you when you compare that stage with current stage. My simple but deeply dedicated prayer for my teachers of past, present and future.

I offer my prayer from deep of my heart
To extend you days to stay on earth
 Because lopen are the greatest
May you have the life of eternity
As you are the sources of anything
Without you, we are nothing