Thursday, May 23, 2013


My success is solely depending on what my Tsa-Wa-Lam has blessed me. I believe on my Tsa-Wa-Lam. Whatever I do for the day, I start with praying to my Tsa-Wa-Lam as soon as I get up. Before I go to bed at night I again pray to my Tsa-Wa-Lam. Infact Tsa-Wa-Lam is always with me. Wherever I go or wherever I stay, I assumed my Tsa-Wa-Lam is along with me, on forehead during day time and in the heart of me during night time. I should have discipline in doing whatever I do knowing that Tsa-Wa-Lam is always with me. To let my events to be successful I have to have faith on Tsa-Wa-Lam. Without good faith I can’t have the successful event. My Tsa-Wa-Lam is enlighten and I believe if I pray and have good faith on my Tsa-Wa-Lam , there is no worry that my event will unsuccessful.