Saturday, May 18, 2013

Who is Next now?

The blooming of flowers in most trees is yet started and the chirping of birds for the first time for that year (2004) has yet another marking of season. It’s exactly the time for school going children has come. Gom Dorji, a straight forward boy was in six. Gom was talented boy in every field be it games , studies and all round and of course bet naughty too. As he returns home from school at late night, he meets Namgay, a talkative, thin tall and charming lady. He gives his first sight to her at that time. Gaining of once heart was difficult in some cases. However due to previous karmic connection between them, as he requested to her as true lover, she accepted. The day of happiness for him began and ultimately for her. As time pass by, they went to date in weekends and share feelings and even kept so many promises for the future. They even spent night together.

As great Tibetan yogi Milarepa said “meeting in separation”, the time has come for them to depart. They are now in different valley as he has to study in Minjiwonng which is one day walk from village and she is still in village. He has the faith on her as he love her but he never know how she was tricky. As he was out of her sight, she started making new relation. However, when he comes for holiday she gives him a sign of love. Their relation last till the girl was pregnant of other boy. In between the girl was pregnant; he heard many things which usually were bad news. However he never believes what middle person says until and unless he sees with his eyes. I personally felt sympathy on the way he love and have great appreciation on his unwavering love. What you would do if your trusted girl done same as in the story?

 The days of together with Namgay was memorable and ultimately his unforgettable memories in his life. As she was now in that condition, circumstances force him to think a lot. Should I be her boy still? What his other boy would do on me, if I still be her boy? What other would think when I go in between then? Those thought all together asked him to forget her but she is still in his mind as she was his first love.

After a year pass by as he was now in Nganglam School, he love one girl. He controls his mind not to love her. When he thinks of what Namgay did, he decided to love to fade away his unforgettable hurt that was in his bottom of heart. After repeated request and waiting almost for a year Pema accept him. Days were short as days of winter when he has a time to stay with her even thought it was days of summer which is longer than other seasons. With full of hope and trust on pema, he decide that she to be his life partner. But the decision of Gom get alter when her previous boy meet with her in Nangkor school. Don’t even trust friends when we can’t trust ourselves. He was astonished to hear someone going negotiate between pema and his boy. He knows life is meaningless until and unless we make it meaningful. So, he understands the cruel mind of friends and takes it as a phenomenon of the life.