Saturday, August 31, 2013


Are you a fan of John Cena? I have more than one favorite WWE superstars including John Cena, Rey Sterio, Randy Orton and Chirstain. Usually, I wait near TV at 5:30pm (BST, Bhutan Standard Time) in the evening on Thursday and Friday. It is on Thursday, the Monday night RAW is rebroadcast on TV and SMACK DOWN on Friday. Sometime, the timing of show gets change but I never miss as I keep track of when will be the show. The boredom is saved on Thursday and Friday. In other days, I don’t watch as shows are repeating.

Now I am in college, I don’t have time in watching as I did before. I keep updates of events of WWE through online. I sometime watch online , when interesting matches are there. Recently, the WWE event so called Summer Slam was over. Now for September month, the WWE has event called The Night of Champion. The WWE Champion Randy Orton will take on Daniel Bryan, the Heavy Weight Champion Alberto will take on RVD with a Ricardo in ring side.
Summer Slam 2013

The absent of John Cena in event The Night of Champion is disheartening me. He was injured during his Championship match with Daniel Bryan at Summer Slam. He will return after six month as he will be undergoing surgery in his elbow. Exactly, he will return during Wrestlemania 30. And I hope of returning before Wrestlemania to grasp the world championship title. Let me pray for his faster recovery. 

To be played during the Night of champion

To be played during the Night of Champion

Cenation Leader will absent in Night of Champion

Injure at elbow of Cenation Leader.