THOUGHT OF JIGME ZANGPO: Rewo Sang choe. (Morning Prayer)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rewo Sang choe. (Morning Prayer)

Performing Morning Prayer
College of Science Technology, the only technical college in Bhutan and is located 5km north of Phuntsholing town. There are many clubs in college which students engaged in making a club productive. Nangpai Zhenu is one of the club among the clubs that exist in CST. Nangpai Zhenu is the Dzongkha term which literary mean the “young Buddhist”. It was come to exist in 2013 (summer semester). Prayer secretary, Ugyen Chopel, was person behind to make a club to exist. He proposed this proposal of having a club to the authority. Club shall not only benefit to sentient being in this life but also in life to come. Within a short period of time as club has many merits, the authority approved,Nangpai Zhenu as a new club of CST.

Lopen Gempo , lop Tshering (Dean Research) and Director of College are also equally important in making the club to emerges. They gave full support in forwarding the club proposal. Therefore let me extent my heartfelt felicitation on behalf of club members, I would like to say, Thank you very much for your good initiative and your good initiative will be always looked upon by kenchosum. Without their full support, the club would not have make into existence of club as today.

Club was introduced for many reasons and purpose. Usually, the technical students forget the practicing of Dharma. And it directly connects to way of thinking. Its only through this simple practice of Dharma, we would always keep track of Dharma. Practicing Dharma in simple way with effective thought is indeed a good practice of Dharma. We wouldn’t realize about the real meaning of our life unless we follow and understand Buddhism. Buddhism teaches you the meaning of life. The club, Nangpai Zhenu, in spite of focusing on the task related to religious one and carrying out the task but will also conduct small ritual like ReoSangChoe (Morning Prayer).

As of now, there are more than 50 members in the club. If I commented on the members of the club, members of the club are simple. The word simple should understand as humble, sympathy, helping hand and kind minded. We the members perform Morning Prayer. Unlike last semester, (summer semester) the club used to do Morning Prayer every morning but skip on Tuesday and Friday when class tests were there but this semester (winter semester) as the test was schedule for particular period of time, club conduct the Morning Prayer on every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Morning Prayer is also performed on auspicious day even if the day is not our scheduled day.
Members of Nangpai Zhenu 

The most of the members of the club were second year students but now they are in third year. I am bit worried, whether the club will in position to performed a Morning Prayer as what we are doing. Existence of club and doing nothing worth is wrong to name a club as Nangpai Zhenu. It is not that juniors can’t do the Morning Prayers. They have the ability to follow the senior’s trend. The only thing they can do is watches when senior perform with sense of learning. Judging the member of club reducing when comes to batch wise, I can say people are becoming different. My expectation from future members of the club, the Nangpai Zhenu is nothing more than the trend to be followed and introduce more programs in the club.

The Nangpai Zhenu, recent trip was the Trip to Threlma Lhakhang. Trips to Threlma Lhakang was organized in order to clean around the Lhankhang. The clubs motivation and hopes are nothing great but to achieve community services.

In our daily life, our day should be start off with Rewo Sang Choe, the Morning Prayers. Doing the Rewo Sang Choe help us in many ways. The misfortune of our life, the failures on the way of pursuing the success and many more that suppressed our success are removed by having the faith in Rewo Sang Choe. Rewo Sang Choe is wonderful and powerful Prayer. It is not necessarily that the Rewo Sang Choe should be performed with religious instruments. It can also be performed without religious instrument depends upon the situation of time, absent of instruments and number of people present. 
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