THOUGHT OF JIGME ZANGPO: Study tour to Chukha Hydro Power (CHP).

Friday, October 18, 2013

Study tour to Chukha Hydro Power (CHP).

Visiting the CHP and Tala Hydro Power (THP) will be given to the students of College of Science and Technology when student are in 5th semester. On 15th October, 2013 Electronic and Communication engineering and Electrical engineering students’ tour to CHP was scheduled and 17th October, 2013, tour to THP was scheduled. We should get up early in the morning at 5:00am and get ready by 5:30am to move from College to CHP on 15/10/2013. No sooner did we walk up to get ready, the power shut down. It was a bad luck for us. With the mobile light, we hurry up in getting ready. We could finally get ready to move. We move only at 6 pass in the morning.

Singing and shouting to the top of voice was starting scene of our journey. After a short travel, we are tired of singing and shouting and we quit. We resume our scene of start of journey after we had tea and snack at Dantak Cafeteria.
Dantak Cafeteria
We visit the Power plant of Chukha and next the station. The only I can reflect here is about the units. There are 4 units (generators) and each unit has a capable of generating 84MW theoretically and which makes the total of 336MW. The two unit shut down during the winter season when the volume of the river drops down. At present, as it was summer and volume of the river has swollen, all the 4 units are under used. It is generating 10% extra than that of theoretical value. 1967 was the year of starting of project and was completed in 1988. Soon the Corporation will celebrate the silver jubilee as its running 25 years old.

We made a visit to Tala Dam on same day. Dam of Tala is located 23 km ahead of Power House of Tala.
Flow of water through the dam
View of Dam
It was 2:00 in the afternoon. We are all exhausted. We don’t even had a lunch and we are all waiting to reach one of the Restaurant. At 2 pass in the afternoon we had a lunch at one of the restaurant.
 energy gain after having lunch
Friends again resume the scene of starting of journey but within short period of time all were silence. It was owing to heavy lunch and all were snoring. It was interesting tour and I should say a trips to CHP for enjoyment.

After a tiring journey we made back to College at 6 pass in the evening. I was having an assignment to be submitted next day (16/10/2013) but I couldn't write more than a definition. I decided to print the type one. And I remembered the next tour (tour to THP) would be more interesting than Tour to CHP before i went to sleep at 8 pass in the evening.   

At Gonpa of CHP