THOUGHT OF JIGME ZANGPO: Friend in need is a friend in deed.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Friend in need is a friend in deed.

Wonderful earth is so wonderful, if the walk of our life are successful with friends around. We come on the mother earth all alone. It’s only after we expose to world, we make friendships.

Every one of us will have many friends at different corner and nook of country that we stay. 
I stand today here with bold heart in the middle of my friends. Among the friend surrounded me is Kezang Deki.
Do you ever heard of Trongsap a friendly? Whatever you say, but I say Trongsap, I meet during my college days was friendly.
trongsap zam

 Kezang Deki; a solid girl, a straight forward in talking with friends, and little timid was from Trongsa. She is friendly and share about her without hiding. She let us to realize the phrases “friend in need is a friend in deed”. The time will come when everyone as her friend will say, “she is extremely a fantastic friend during our stay with her”. I am neither praising nor let her to make happy by cooking the unreal stories.
She choose to stay as a friends anyone. In deed she has no boundary in choosing a friends. She stay and will so close with irrespective of juniors and seniors. She usually tells “I am the boss of Sangay Wangmo, Kinzang Wangmo and Karma Wangzom”. Analyzing what she tell, has nothing to believe in. she just say for the fun. I know they stay as a best friend of the world that I am astonished with their friendship.
Coming to her hardship and determination to her work, she is trustable. Her effort and endeavor to pursue her goal are perfect. She has unending determination and enthusiasm for her studies. But she gives up with no trouble, when she attend the struggle on pursuing her goal. We shouldn’t disappointed with the unrewarded for our hardship. I as a follower of Buddha teaching, always have believe in the fate. Fate dominate the society. We are under the umbrella of fate. The misfortunes come along the walk of life shouldn’t be taken as misfortune itself. Every day will never be the same, a day is reserve for your success. The only thing is the time is not yet come for your turn.

I as a friend of Kezang Deki, I shall always be her friend till my body and soul present in the earth. I shall help her in small possible way in this transient period of life.

N.B   Please readers, it’s not that she is my only friend. I will soon write each one of you, my friends. I write about her because she ask me to write as per my view point about her so that she know how she is. To Kezang, I don’t know all about you. I write as per my knowledge about you.