THOUGHT OF JIGME ZANGPO: I contest for the nominee for the post of IAC member.(councilor)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

I contest for the nominee for the post of IAC member.(councilor)

With a good intention, I decide to contest for the post of Institute of Academic Committee, IAC member for the academic year 2014 and 2015. Inspite of I having a responsible (I was Vice President for NDLD, Radio Club of the college), I contest to let the wish of fellow students fulfill  I decided put up all the possible commitment to the post of IAC. Following is speech I prepare to deliver during councilor election.

A warm good afternoon and kuzuzangpo to everybody.
Respected Director, Dean, Provost, councilors and my friends.
Firstly, if I introduce myself. My name is Jigme Zangpo. I am from 3rd year ECE. I would be very honored and privileged to represent an IAC member.
I would give anything to be IAC member in the following year 2014, I feel I can be a positive leader and excellent role model for younger students as well as my peers. I am already familiar with leadership roles, having been a Class representative from the year 2011 to 2012. And a captains in school day in lower school.
I believe I have a number of good qualities such as honesty, respect, listening and leadership. I am well organized and I like to do tasks that I am given very quickly. I treat everyone equally and try my best to include everyone in activities.

My vision;
Proposing of reviewing the duration of phase test to higher authority.
Proposing like no need of repeating CA for back paper or keeping option to higher authority.
When shifting class for next period to next class, there cause inconvenience to tutor as well as to students. Some class mightn’t have experience but will experience one day. Biologically our brain need rest after certain period. So If I am elected, I will propose the class period like 1st period from 8 – 8:55, 2nd from 9-9:55 so on by keeping 5 minutes break.
Above are the few of my dream and I will be working to turn into reality. I will always let your voice raised on any issue. Based upon your voice raised I will forward to higher authority accordingly.  I should represent student body in any case but not as Jigme zangpo and his friend. I am sure I will talk to any of councilors on behalf of you, if you feel hesitate to talk him when he or she is out of track or doing his or her benefit. I have experience as junior that we cannot tell when they make mistake. Now anyone can contact me if you find any of councilor doing mistake unknowingly or intentionally. I will always talk with them. I am physically weak and small, so never afraid in approaching me but mentally I am bold enough to contact anyone as per as I am right and you give right information. Hope you all don’t bully me as I am weak. No no, you won’t do that, and I was just kidding.  
I don’t believe in talking but I do believe in doing. Promise less and deliver more is my motto.
My dear friends, I would like to assure you one thing for sure that my commitment to the college will live past this election.
Your thoughts will be my goal
your desire will be my vision
your smile will be my victory.

If I am elected I shall thankful: if not. It will be all the same.
Finally I quote “The ballot is stronger than the bullet. A vote is like riffle, its usefulness depends upon the character of the user. ” I unquote. Now your vote meant a lot. Happy voting.

Of course I am not elected. I was third in ranking. Top two was selected for the post as only two will represent at IAC meeting. I am happy that I could resume my already elected post the president of Radio club. I will work and pursue the aim and objective of the club.