THOUGHT OF JIGME ZANGPO: Second version of Sanoem ma wa meser.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Second version of Sanoem ma wa meser.

In continuation of article of Opinion in Kuensel dated 9th November 2013, I have my say regarding the people of Shingkhar Lauri believe themselves as “Senoem ma wa meser”. They will believe again for few years.
Indeed people are purely humble and obey whatever the head says. They afraid of going against head even they are right. The word Sir is lavishly used in our village to addressed outsider ranging from low post till the high post. I am happy that the good tradition like respecting outsider and within ourselves are prevails. But sometime the title sir is misusing by some people to do one more time fooling the innocent people.
If we are to make a verbal agreement from the meeting of these people, then the agreement outcome will always agree. They are innocent. Innocent because they are illiterate and always believe what their head say. So, head should always take an extra cautious when taking to these people or trying convey something to them. Otherwise they will believe whatever you say. 
I believe there are few potential people back at the village and people of this village in other place, who can bring a development to community by coordinating development activity ethically and morally. It will only true, if and only if these people work with pure mind. Pure mind indicate the free of corruptions and following the certain rules from the reflected rules of Country.
Shingkhar lauri is only place in Bhutan as stated in Dasho’s opinion, he also didn’t forget to say its only place with no connectivity of road and electricity. It’s not that government did nothing to Shingkhar Lauri. They had done many things. The farm road had started clearing a decade ago and electricity a 2 years ago. Then, should we called that the slow progress in the system because of “Sonoem ma wa me ser” reside in this Geog. The term “Sonoem ma wa me ser” shouldn’t be an answer for all obstacles coming along.
Who are the responsible for let the people to say we are the “Sanoem Cho wa me ser”?  Who are the responsible to do always the term “So noem ma wa me ser”? Is the innocent people themselves? Or Local leaders? Or NA member and NC’s responsible? Or Dasho Dzongda and Dasho Dungpa’s responsible?
Its collective responsible but the higher authority has capable of shouldering a core responsible, so they will.
To whom we should blame if the progress work are not doing and is not progressing at acceptable rate. To common people? To local leaders? To MP and NC? Or to dasho Dungpa and Dasho Dzongda? Again it’s everybody’s failures but particularly the higher authority’s failures.
Should I believe Shingkhar lauri a remotest than any of Geog in Bhutan before a decade ago? Certainly my quick response is No. Laya, Lingshi, merak, sakteng and many more village in Zhemgang are more remote than Shingkahr Lauri. We are aware that Merak and Sakteng is already connected by Road and Electricity. Being more remote than ours, connecting everything road and electricity before than ours is few point to be analyzed. What is going on in Jomotshang Dungkhag particularly Lauri geog? Is it because of near boader of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh? Nothing to do with boarder.  So, the authority should look the matter seriously?
Now I feel Jomotshangkha Dungkhag is neglected place because developmental activities are never progress at given period and no action are taking place for the failure.