THOUGHT OF JIGME ZANGPO: The reasons are always there.( Fisher man has reason to kill fish)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The reasons are always there.( Fisher man has reason to kill fish)


Once a Yogi was on the way of his meditating cave and he passed via a river. He was bit busy and have to reach to destination faster. To his amazed, he found a fisher man fishing the fish while crossing bridge. In an action of fisher man, he chased an insect attracting over his eyes by waving his hand up and down. It was a frequent action that a Yogi noticed as he watch fisher man from the bridge. Yogi thought Fisher man was calling him to come down when fisher man wave his hand for chasing insects. Yogi said himself “why he is calling me, when I am so busy?” Then he decided to go near fisher man.
No sooner did the Yogi reached near Fisher man, he asked, “Why you called me?” To his surprised and annoyed, fisher man answered “I didn’t called you”. After a fisher man explanation, Yogi got that he wasn’t called and it was his mistake.

Before he leave the spot with blush, he got a question to ask to Fisher man. “Why you are fishing and killing fishes? They have not harm you. They also have life similar as ours”.  And Fisher man replied, “You will never know how much fish had harm us. They don’t even think of human being drinking this water (river) and they pass urine and stool (shit) in the water itself. So water become dirty. So I am fishing”.
Yogi has no reply for his answer and went off.

Now to the reader, what would you give a Fisher man a reply if you were a Yogi at that time?
N.B Story I heard from one of my teacher.