Saturday, November 30, 2013

We are equal.

We the human being are born to do merit task in order to make a society a harmony to live in. Never should we surprise, when people differentiate between human being and human being in terms of anything. We differentiate out of ignorance and not knowing the value of human life. Most probably the one who know the value for human being will one who suffer a lot. Learned man are always expected to be humbled in everything. Is that happening in a real life? Without making a comment for question, I would like to share what we are going to do in rest of our life.
Is a wealth important? Yes certainly because it add a comfort to human life. Now, my question is how people without wealth (poor) are adjusting to be happy? Without any doubt anyone will say they always suffer and happiness to them is out of question.
If we are in position to help the needy one, it’s a merit task. We help the needy one in our best possible way. In return we are award with best and good fortune in this life and will be certainly good for next life. A school going children with disadvantages families should help if we can. With your limited salary, help in making a suffering child happy. For your good deed, you will always be blessed.

My only hope from myself is to let needy one get help from me when I am at least capable from them.