THOUGHT OF JIGME ZANGPO: We are friends forever.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

We are friends forever.

Opening the diary of my memory while looking in to the photos in my album reminds me, we are friends forever. A life at College of Science and Technology was enjoyable if I am with those guys. By birth, we are from different parents and we are also from different zone of country, Bhutan. I believe in unending fate of previous life. So, we are blessed in this life and we meet in same college. We are more like a brotherhood.  
 All of my friends are the best in the world…………………………………….
In Skkim(22nd. Feb.2012)

The very moment which I can say is most unforgettable in my life was the moment we plan to go Skkim (Gangtok, Dewarili Chhorten Gonpa) and we did. The simple plan but really enjoyable and is still in my list of unforgettable moment of the life.
What are interesting moment, irritating moment and debate session you remember when we are together?  For me, the every individual assigning title like “Traditional Head, BAFRA officer, Girls dictionary and so on.”  Many more I still remember like playing cards. Those are best and enjoyable moment and will feast to my heart whenever I think of you all.

To my heart, the group photo speak, we are friends forever. I am never astonish with we are little separate from third semester. It is more than adequate when our heart still speak, we are friends still.
Now, without the notice of running time, we are in end of 5th semester. As the end semester exam is near doorstep. I wish you a good luck. Believe yourself but never forget to believe in god.
My dream and desire as a friend: we will have a gathering (8th semester). Hope you all will agree.

In your life, you may meet many people and you will have fun but remember, the fun we had will never be fun that I will have.