THOUGHT OF JIGME ZANGPO: What should I do? (to attain fine behavior)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

What should I do? (to attain fine behavior)

I am extremely unhappy with my behaviors. I asked myself: Am I behaving differently than a normal human behave? Am I too rude? Am I egoistic?  Am I selfish?  And do I need assistance and advice?
It is said that if we find mistakes in other, it’s not other mistake but mistake is within us. Keeping above statement in my mind, I realize and give, always a second thought before I blame to other about the mistake I observed.
Getting annoyed frequently with no reason will be my and your attitude problematic. We should know we are problematic sometime. We can’t be perfect.

What could be the solution for correction of our attitude? I believe, to obtain a train mind is the solution for correcting the problematic behaviors. Speaking about the train mind, I remember the only means to attain a train mind with the practicing of dharma. I find, there are no way we can achieve a train mind. It may depend upon the individual. You may prefer different way in achieving a train mind but I find nothing a good solution to attain a train mind by practicing dharma.
It’s my responsibilities to clear a doubt to the reader. A reader would have a question, how I can practice dharma? I say practicing dharma but it’s not necessarily that we have to wear a robe and stay in gonpa (temple).  We have to have believe and faith on root teacher (Tsa- Wa- Lam) and have a listening time on their valuable talks on Buddha teaching.

Training of my mind is my long time desire and still hoping to do that.