Sunday, April 28, 2013

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The international news papers, the international television, local news paper and local television give the information about live and love of acter and actress, the popularity of country GDP, the intelligence of latest man in discovered fields. This are the news really mark the smile on every individual face, soul and mind. What if the news isn’t the above case, instead a poor man having no cloth to wear, no food to eat and shelter to shelter him. Hardly a people think over it. I have read few lines in one of the page on facebook and come to learn that the chaos of world emerge due to people misusing the power. They say that the things are meant for use and people are meant for love but this is never happen rather things are being love and people are being used. As a consequences the chaos of world emerges.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

To be noted other philosophy and act accordingly.

To be noted. (My philosophy) My philosophy may not be your philosophy. Its difference may exist that of South Pole differing from North Pole and may not like that of South Pole and North Pole for few. I may not describe as time conscious man but somehow I follow to be time conscious man. “Time and tide wait for no man” is what I believe. My believe in time become more strengthen when “Procrastination is theft of time “is reminded. No one is above my time but few exceptions. I should do that I suppose to do. On top of being time conscious I am self believer. Unless the opinion has wide range of evidence to be proof I am self believer. I appreciated anyone who achieved and participants but remember I neglect one always do opposite to me. I am happy when you bring me in right track with good intention.

My senses of human being know what you try to do. I understand what they do and learn what they do. The vivid image of opposed one is within self and meeting in reality again add fuel to previous. My mind would be in rest only I am in another valley. To every individual of class, I oath “I don’t have any grievances because you all are good to me”. I may be wrong to print inedible mark under bottom of heart and soul about who you are. I believe the time and the circumstances matter. With the time passes the change of habit of individual is on the way.

As Guru Rinpoche has rightly said “དུས་ནི་མི་འསྦྱུར་མི་རྣམས་འསྦྱུར་བ་ཡིན་” “the time will not change but people will”. The other side of meadow may always look greener than current meadow. For me both side of meadow are same for my soul and heart. To have greenery on both side of meadow is our mind that adjusts. I have greenery friend on both sides. The only regret for friend greenery is one mark that I captured recently. In a way I am satisfied with what they did for living creature. Living creature have mind that think same as what human does. Living creature are living being.