Saturday, August 31, 2013


Are you a fan of John Cena? I have more than one favorite WWE superstars including John Cena, Rey Sterio, Randy Orton and Chirstain. Usually, I wait near TV at 5:30pm (BST, Bhutan Standard Time) in the evening on Thursday and Friday. It is on Thursday, the Monday night RAW is rebroadcast on TV and SMACK DOWN on Friday. Sometime, the timing of show gets change but I never miss as I keep track of when will be the show. The boredom is saved on Thursday and Friday. In other days, I don’t watch as shows are repeating.

Now I am in college, I don’t have time in watching as I did before. I keep updates of events of WWE through online. I sometime watch online , when interesting matches are there. Recently, the WWE event so called Summer Slam was over. Now for September month, the WWE has event called The Night of Champion. The WWE Champion Randy Orton will take on Daniel Bryan, the Heavy Weight Champion Alberto will take on RVD with a Ricardo in ring side.
Summer Slam 2013

The absent of John Cena in event The Night of Champion is disheartening me. He was injured during his Championship match with Daniel Bryan at Summer Slam. He will return after six month as he will be undergoing surgery in his elbow. Exactly, he will return during Wrestlemania 30. And I hope of returning before Wrestlemania to grasp the world championship title. Let me pray for his faster recovery. 

To be played during the Night of champion

To be played during the Night of Champion

Cenation Leader will absent in Night of Champion

Injure at elbow of Cenation Leader.

Busy days with Phase Test I

These days were busy for me. The Phase Test I made me to be busy. I was busy preparing for test with the schedule of having three tests per day.  Sleeping at late night and walking up early in the morning was what I followed past few days. With a pray of hoping my success in phase test one, I commit dedication with sincerity.

 If I to be commented on how my test was done, it was neither bad nor excellent. It was in middle of excellent and bad and it is what I will call fair. Now, I am hoping my test result to be fair. Fair in the sense, pass in all 6 modules. Among 6 modules, DSP (Digital and Signal Processing) and AC Engineering (Analog Communication) went worst compared to rest of modules. Microprocessor and Microcontroller is all among 6 modules that I could write perfectly. I was satisfied with what I write in MPMC. To let my estimation be correct, let me waits for answer sheets within few days.

struggling, my Bro.


Above was the reason that I couldn't write anything on my blog. It was almost week that I couldn't update my blog. My blog is nothing informative but it is my pleasure to write whatever I feel.  I will be keeping on writing. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Melody at sudden at night. ♬

If you have experience of listening music at night, definitely you would have experience a feeling which is different from your normal feeling about our life. Particularly the music related to Dharma like Gurma (song of Milarepa) and song describing the great lama. The scenario of night with calm and peace is present that instant time of night is under control of complete silence except the chirping of insects and few birds. Another instant of time will come where everything is silent and only the moving of river or stream sound will be heard if you are near river or stream. The melody you played will be heard in your ears differently. The meaning of every line of lyrics if you understand, we will have feeling that sadden ourselves by looking into deeds we performed.

The sudden melody like Gurma (the song of Milarepa) at early morning in between 2:00am to 4:30am that you set as alarm ring tone when it rings will bring you a deeper feeling about our life. The ringing of ring tone of alarm out of environment under control of silent inform us the immortal of life. The feeling at the first instant will none other than sad. You may think your life is meaningless. It is the instant of time where every human is on another world dreaming in their dream and snoring of people near you make you to think beyond what you think normally. You will feel like everything is empty and your body is empty. You will feel like you lose something when you think deeper and deeper at that moment.

To realize the feeling at the situation where everything is under control of silent, play melody (The song of Melarepa) at the instant time of silent at night. Above is what I feel at that moment of night. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

༼སྨན་ཆུང་དྲེན་པའི་རྩོམ།༽ Complied by blogger author, written by Gom Dorji.


ལེགས་པའི་སྨན་ཆུང་ཁྱོད་ལུ༎ ཧིང་ཁར་མནོ་བའི་ ཧིང་གཏམ༎
གསང་སྟེ་བཞག་པའི་གསང་གཏམ༎ འབྲི་དོ་ བུ་ཆུང་རང་གིས༎

གནམ་སྟོངམ་གནམ་གྲུའི་ལམ་ཡིན༎ རྒྱ་མཚོནི་གྲུའི་ལམ་ཡིན༎
སྨན་ཆུང་ཁྱོད་ཀྱི་དོང་ཧིང་༎ སྟག་ཤར་རང་གི་ཞིང་ཁམས༎

ཁྱོད་དང་ཕང་མ་གཏབ་དགོནི༎ ཉིད་ལམ་ནང་ལུ་ཨིན་པས༎
དངོས་སུ་གདོང་འགོར་རྐྱབ་པནི༎ ལ་དང་ལུང་གིས་བཅས་དེས༎

བུ་ཆུང་རང་གི་སྨོན་ལམ༎ དཀོན་མཆོག་གསུམ་ལུ་བཏབ་དོ༎
སེམས་འཐུན་བུ་རོགས་མཉམ་དུ༎ ལྟ་བུ་འཛོམས་པའི་རེ་བ༎

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mirror of mind and mirror of speech.

Expert said that one should look into mirror before you say something, particularly flaw to others. In our day to day life what above sentence mean is that we should always tell and talk with others with good words. The people should be happy if not normal (what he was before we talk with) after we talk with them. They sympathy and soft words that make other happy should be used instead of harsh and bad words.

More important, we have to keep in mind is way of joking and limit of joking. If we can avoid joking, it’s more than a good solution to avoid misunderstanding between our friends. Through joking many misunderstand will be created. Moreover joking is also a sin from the point of religion, as we utters none sense while joking. I regret for not fulfilling the promise. The promise of avoid joking with friends. Today 8th day of 7th month of Bhutanese calendar on auspicious day of the month, I promise, I will lead life of humble man. Let me try avoiding joking with friends.

With regards to the words of conversation, it’s wise to be insisted in formal language with good words. We speak with good words and the listener will be happy with what we insist. Speaking humbly with good words that hurt no one will cost or lose you no money. For our good way of conversation, the good merits deed will be considered. I am man who has problem in talking with friends. I always talk and comment as if I am the king. On top of commenting, I used harsh and bad words that hurt my friends. I felt myself sorry for innocent deeds. In deed I have no intention of hurting anyone with my words but out of frustration the words that have no value and respect in society were uttered one after another. I regret for my mistake out of ignorance. Now, realizing with my mistake ask me to be cautious while talking with friends. Did you realize of your mistake in way you talk? If we are to look into the mirror of our mind and speech after our deed with carefully, we are making mistake sometime.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Trip to Threlma Lhakhang

                    The Trip to Threlma Lhakhang.

We the members of Nangpai Zhenu (The young Buddhist) made trip to Threlma Lhakhang (located 2km from College of science and Technology) on 18th of August 2013 lead by our prayer secretary and lopen Tshering, then the Dean Research. The trip to Threlma Lhakang was neither for fun nor for pilgrim. The only reason behind was to contribute something that will benefit to the people residing or monks who resides when they performed puja.

The emotional intelligence should be utilize for beneficiary purpose rather to waste in making nothing contribution to the society. The more important in today’s ages of world is EQ (emotional question) than an IQ (intelligence question). If a person is rich in EQ, the society considers him to be the best. A man with IQ is expected to have much ego than man with EQ. The helping hand will come if we have EQ rather than personal benefit with IQ. We the members of Nangpai Zhenu believe in EQ and 18th August 2013 trip to Threlma Lhankhang was scheduled.

Usually, we start our morning prayer at 6:00 am but today we could start only at 6 pass as the consecration of Sertong of Mani Dungkhor 1 was in the line. The lama from CST gonpa consecrated the completion and building of Sertong in Dungkhor. We gathered in front of  Block D to moved towards Threlma Lhankhang at 8:30 am. As soon we arrived Lhakhang, we started cutting grass around the Lhakhang. 
I thank you on behalf of members and on my own behalf to Lopen Tshering and Caretaker (keynyer) of Lhakhang for refreshment served.

As we moved down, we came repairing road towards Lhakahng from higway. The filling of stones in the hole made by running water during rain and cutting of grass and bushes right and left of road was done. Finally, we were able to complete the task and reached to highways road. The plants that can be seen in the photo (sorry, I don’t know name of the plant) was taken from on the way to College to plant in College campus. We plate behind RK (Rinchen Khangzang)  and remaining in front of Block A. 

We the members are always ready for future trip to Lhakhang and many more.
Members of Nangpai Zhenu with PA and Lob Tshering.

On an action (working along the road)

Having rest

Lob Tshering on an action (working)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Nangkor Gathering

                                 Nangkor Gathering.

The tradition of Nangkor gathering which was first introduce by 2009 batch of Nangkor student of CST. It was formally organized in 2012, in the summer semester as a farewell for 2008 batch (in their final semester) of Nangkor student here in College of Science and Technology when they are passing out. The trend of gathering continued in 2012, in the winter semester to welcome the new comers of 2012 batch and in 2013 (summer semester) as farewell for the founder of Nangkor gathering, the 2009 batch when they are passing out.

Similarly, we the student of Nangkor in CST, the followers of the founder of Nangkor gathering never forget the tradition introduce by 2009 batch. This year, the new comers of Nangkor to CST were two, Domtu Dorji and Pema Yoezer, the brother of Pema Choden (the member of founder of Nangkor gathering, the 2009 batch). Of course the number of newcomers is less but we believe lesser the number more effective in whatever we do with less mistake. With our little experience in CST for past few years we convey relevant words to our new comers of Nangkor. The Nangkor gathering for newcomers was organized by my batch (2011) on 6th August 2013. The changes in Nangkor gathering this time was in regard to venue. The venue was in Phuntsholing town.  At 7:00 pm we moved from college to Phuntsholing.

After our arrival, the organizer (3rd year) started the program. The drinks (soft drinks) were distributed. The introduction and welcome speech was delivered by our senior (Simple) in our mother tough (sharchopkha). Then we allow two first year to introduce themselves. After an hour of exchanging the feeling between us, we the Ex- Nangkorien, we had dinner.  The drinks (hard drinks) were served as soon we were done with dinner.  We moved back to college before the hard drinks drag us. With few bottles of hard drinks we return to college through short cut. We could arrive back to college after twice rest on the ways. One at starting of step from Phuntsholing (above stream) and other at rest place on the way to CST.  We had fun on the way while we rest. As a token of appreciation by two first years to seniors they even sung a song while we rest.

We don’t take the path (short cut to Gonpa) but we take the highway till college from gate of Gonpa. As we planned, we gathered at heliport and had fun with drinks. We played games and finally we dispersed at 12:30am. The dispersed of gathering remind us the next gathering for farewell of outgoing Nangkorien of present final year. Let us wait the time to come….. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013


                         Life, too short for doing merit deeds.

Life is like a transient of lightning and the roaring of thunder of the summer monsoon. In the transient period of life, do the deeds that everybody around you cherish and satisfy with what you have done. Never do and think of doing demerits deeds which will hurt people of your community. The capacity in you should be utilized in making the society peace and calm to realize and experience the harmony of society.

The every second and every minutes of our life period is precious time. One who understands the meaning of life knows the value of time and happy with the short life. They pursue the valuable goal of their life within the given period of life with no complain of saying life is too short.

The golden platform (we as a human being) that we are given due to previous karma in this life should not let to go in vain. The purpose of life in short period of life should be done with our good possible ways. The main purpose, I have in life is to repay to parents of present, past and future with dedication and sympathy. I may not wrong to say what I have for my life as purpose is your purpose. Unlike other living being we have a platform and capability to listen and practice dharma with good intention. So , utilize the opportunity we as a human has. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

We, on the earth for purpose.(Death is certain but when and where it will occur is uncertain).

                                    We, on the earth for purpose.

The day when we were born is the day the world rejoices upon us. Our parents were extremely happy for us for being born in their hand. If world rejoices upon you coming on the world on the first day, you should be wise enough to let the world rejoices upon you at last day, when you are departing from this wonderful world permanently. Happiness parent when you were born should also be happy when you leave this world permanently.

The world rejoice on you when you were born because world knows, you can do many remarkable tasks that benefit the world, when you are on the earth. World expect more from you. The single man coming on world is expectation of new changes for the world. The longer you stay on world are more reliable changes that last for longer duration that the world expects.

On the other hand, your parents are always happy with you. They are happy owing to you becoming more capable day by day and year by year. Your excellence in your field all together makes your parents happier than ever. As world expects you to be more meaningful man on this world, the parents too has same expectation. In spite of you being more meaningful person on this world your parent want you to be a happier man on the earth. The way your parent expects signifies that they care you more than what they can do it for you. They care you because they want you to be successful person.

The purpose of we on the earth is to make a life meaningful. To realize the meaning of life, we should have patient in listening and following the merit footprint of experts and parents. The valuable advices from elders including your parents are the key to excel your life in making it meaningful. More important I consider in my life than above all as a believer of Buddha teaching is the way you believe and having faith in birth after death. One having believed in birth after death will feel guilty of doing untidy task in your life. Having trust on what experts of Buddha teaching state “every animals on world are once our parent” and doing merit task will realize your parents dream. The only source that we can repay our thanking parent is having faith in Buddha teaching. To let the all sentient being of six realms to be happy let us have faith and believe in dharma and practice it. 

Your dream of life should be pursuing but never forget that we are given a day that we should left this world. The wealth you gathered, beauty you may be, and popular you are will appears nothing to any one when one go to sleep permanently. The wealth has no capability of rescuing you by giving wealth to other and same with your fame. The only help we will have, only if we did our deed pure, have kind mind to everyone with justice and practice dharma when we are living on the world.  It’s always good if we can remember Guru Rinpoche once a day and recite ba zar gu ru (om a hung ba zar guru pad ma se de hung) 100 times.

Death is certain but when and where it will occur is uncertain.
Guru Rinpoche la na mo.

Lagging behind the 21st century.

     Lagging behind the 21st century. (Written when I was in college, staying with friends)

Expert says one should go ahead of age we are living in. We should question ourselves, why? The very simple logic that are absent in some of the people who reside in their resident: flashing of water after toileting, the damping of their leftover food and many more. These are all we have to have a simple common sense as a human being. The repeated notice of use water while toileting and damp leftover food in proper place was useless to those men who reside in their resident. In spite of having water in syntax they never flash water after toileting. Instead they complain of insufficient water in their resident. That was indeed an excuse for no strong reason.

If we teach any one, sometime animals, after repeated insist, even they do what we ask. For those hornless human being will never understand as they were brought up in the society that deprived of parent and elders advices. They were grown up in the society where they dominate society and had done whatever they wish to do. The difference in quality of thinking and acting should be present when we step up higher grade but to those people instead of what we aspect, they are developing a habit something similar to stone old age peoples.

The deed what we do in our daily life determines our quality of human. It’s not the matter of our permanent resident (city) that determines the quality. It’s not the post that determine the quality of human but the way of thinking and acting matters a lot. The higher grade we may be in but quality of human doesn’t come along with grade. We are responsible to have the quality of good human being. The bad habits that are the quality for bad human being should be do away gradually  and quality that appreciated by society should be picked up and implemented.

I as a believer of Buddha teaching, ( དགེ་བ་བཅུ་དང་མི་དགེ་བ་བཅུ།) would like to beg sorry for my mistake of ignorance to everyone who involve in above scene. I have no intention of hurting anyone by writing article but want everyone to understand the simple common sense of human being. As per as many of my friend concern, the article may applicable to one or two people. Whatever it may be I am writing on this topic just want to share what I believe. The thought keeping in my mind gives me tension. Its better I express and stay tension free.

སྐྱེ་བུ་དམ་པ་གྱི་སླབ་བྱཱ་གལ་ཅན། ( Advice is necessary )