Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Once in a blue moon.

“If wealth is loss, something is loss. If health is loss, everything is loss.” It is better nurture our health than anything before it is too late. Eating on time doesn't mean you are caring your health. The regular, if not a frequent cardiovascular exercise is obligatory. I regret for not doing an exercises for fitness of my body. If we couldn't do exercises, the playing of physical games are good for fitness.
During departmental tournament. 
I have my mind set to play football to let my body keep fitness. One who know me will be astonished when they see me playing football. In fact I am playing football for the first time after making here to college. It’s not so easy to play football. One have to have a unceasing practice.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Study tour to Chukha Hydro Power (CHP).

Visiting the CHP and Tala Hydro Power (THP) will be given to the students of College of Science and Technology when student are in 5th semester. On 15th October, 2013 Electronic and Communication engineering and Electrical engineering students’ tour to CHP was scheduled and 17th October, 2013, tour to THP was scheduled. We should get up early in the morning at 5:00am and get ready by 5:30am to move from College to CHP on 15/10/2013. No sooner did we walk up to get ready, the power shut down. It was a bad luck for us. With the mobile light, we hurry up in getting ready. We could finally get ready to move. We move only at 6 pass in the morning.

Singing and shouting to the top of voice was starting scene of our journey. After a short travel, we are tired of singing and shouting and we quit. We resume our scene of start of journey after we had tea and snack at Dantak Cafeteria.
Dantak Cafeteria
We visit the Power plant of Chukha and next the station. The only I can reflect here is about the units. There are 4 units (generators) and each unit has a capable of generating 84MW theoretically and which makes the total of 336MW. The two unit shut down during the winter season when the volume of the river drops down. At present, as it was summer and volume of the river has swollen, all the 4 units are under used. It is generating 10% extra than that of theoretical value. 1967 was the year of starting of project and was completed in 1988. Soon the Corporation will celebrate the silver jubilee as its running 25 years old.

We made a visit to Tala Dam on same day. Dam of Tala is located 23 km ahead of Power House of Tala.
Flow of water through the dam
View of Dam
It was 2:00 in the afternoon. We are all exhausted. We don’t even had a lunch and we are all waiting to reach one of the Restaurant. At 2 pass in the afternoon we had a lunch at one of the restaurant.
 energy gain after having lunch
Friends again resume the scene of starting of journey but within short period of time all were silence. It was owing to heavy lunch and all were snoring. It was interesting tour and I should say a trips to CHP for enjoyment.

After a tiring journey we made back to College at 6 pass in the evening. I was having an assignment to be submitted next day (16/10/2013) but I couldn't write more than a definition. I decided to print the type one. And I remembered the next tour (tour to THP) would be more interesting than Tour to CHP before i went to sleep at 8 pass in the evening.   

At Gonpa of CHP

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Trend was introduced. Our Annual Tshechu in our village is our enjoyment.

We contribute in our small way to our society.
An annual tshechu for my village is schedule on 8th, 9th and 10th of 10th month of Bhutanese calendar. If the tshechu is to be conducted on 10th month of Bhutanese calendar we the students cannot attend Tshechu as we are still in the school but our Lama Rinpoche (Buli Trulku) and the coordinators of Tshechu postpone the date of tshechu one month behind so that we the student can witness the Tshechu. Witnessing the Tshechu itself will purify our sin as great master said. We are very fortunate to have an opportunity to witness the Tshechu.
It was in the year 2009, when I was in class 11, the significant changes to our tshechu was introduced. During the tshechu time, the cultural show in between the Tshechu dance was performed by group of student of our villages. Under the coordinators of Ata Pema Wangchuck, Ata Yonten Chojay and Khotken Dorji Dubu (all three of them were the student of ILCS, Institute of Language and Cultural Studies) and the members including myself , Khotken Pema Dorji, Khotken Sonam Yeshi, Ata Wangdi Phuntsho, Khotken Lobzang, Charo Kinga, Charo Karma Wangda (Dungmanma Village) and Ata Sonam Wangchuk performed the cultural part. The most memorable song and the dance among we performed was the Lopen Phagpa Jutshen Jamyang Khen.  The song and the step of the dance are still fresh in my mind. Reflecting back the memorable event of 2009, an annual Tshechu of my village really touching till the bottom of my heart. It was the good trend that our cultural program coordinators of 2009 has ever introduced.

Unfortunately in the year 2010, due to unavoidable circumstance an Annual Tshechu couldn’t postponed to 11th month of Bhutanese’s calendar. We couldn’t witness the Tshechu.

The coordinators ata Tashi Dorji,Yeshi Norbu and Pema Dorji coordinate the cultural parts during an Annual Tshechu of year 2011. Looking in to the memories of 2011, the enjoyment we had like the funny part, interesting part and irritating parts all together make me to say “we did that and waiting for our juniors to follow the trend”.
Now it was my turn to coordinate in the year 2012, during an Annual Tshechu. All the members for the year 2012 was young. My brother Gom Dorji, Charo Kinga Dorji and Charo Chaten help me in coordinating an events. Let the members be young but the coordination is more important. I could finally succeed my part in coordinating the cultural event of 2012. It was my achievement owing to my hardship and dedication towards the works. The success of that event will be part of my memory in my life.
I dream if above memories rebound back so that I can once more experience the enjoyment memories. It is sad to know that the memories can no way rebound back. If I think beyond the thinking as member and coordinator of cultural part during tshechu, I have few thought coming on the way of sorrow path. I have already seen the first coordinator couldn’t attend second time and second coordinator couldn’t third time. What it signified? The only answer could be the impermanence of life and the busy of once life. When one is getting older and older, he or she cannot continue what he or she has done in previous year. I am feeling deeply sad to know I am following their path.

Finally, let me never forget to thank our Lama Rinpoche, Khenpo Rinpoche, and peoples of village for giving us a platform to perform like cultural show.

 Let our peoples be always happy and prosperity always follow them and long live our Eminence The Buli Trulku Rinpoche and Khenpo Rinpoche. 
from left Buli Trulku and Khenpo.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Experience is important than theory

We always see the fault in someone while they initiate any programs but we realize when the responsibility come to our shoulder that how difficult in initiating program. It’s always easy to say than doing. I come to know coordinating small program demand a cooperation among the organizers and organizing the organized event beforehand.

If we organizing the event for ourselves and with invitation of guest is again different. Organizing event with invitation of guest is more difficult than organizing within. If event is not going smoothly as per the plan, it’s our failure and shame to the organizers. In order to do away the failure, prepare for event with coordination among organizers.

It was lesson for me as a Vice President of Radio Club at College of Science and Technology when organizing a gathering with invitation of Electronic and Communication Engineering Department HoD (head of department). I faced difficulties as I was organizing an event with invitation of guest for a first time. The mistake I did at the beginning of event will be the lesson for future organization. I am happy that with full cooperation of my friends, we could finally make an event a successful, enjoyable and memorable one.

Cheers guys!!!