Friday, February 28, 2014

Born to death.


Did you realize, we are born to death? Certainly everybody did it but do you at least think about death once a day. Many of us forget about death daily owing to several emotions. It is said people remember and seek help from root teacher (Tsa-wa-lam) only when he reach on the cliff but act differently and forget root teacher when he reach on the plane (Dzongkha Proverb).

What is your first thought as soon as you heard about death of your dad or mom or siblings or friends? My thought at that instant is nothing extraordinary than death is on the way to my life too. It is the lesson in deed but nobody take it as lesson. It is lesson that teach you about the death is inevitable. Knowing the death is inevitable, follow the ethic of the life of human being.        

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Electronics & Communication Engineering in College of Science and Technology.

The 21st century is the era of electronics. Everything is becoming easy with advancement of modern electronics equipment. Thank you expert for coming up with electronics equipment. Bhutan, a land lock country, sandwich between the great China to the north and great India to the south was isolated till 19th century. Today, there is a technical college providing student a knowledge in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering. They are absolutely happy for having an opportunity to take over the course. At the same time, beholding at the scenario of job obtainability, they are worried little bit.
First batch of Electronics & Communication Engineering students graduated in July, 2013. Second batch will going to pass out in coming July, 2014 and third batch will be passing out next year in July, 2015. Every time the students pass out, the number of graduate in this discipline will going to increases in the job market. It is owing to no availability of job in Country. Forty five percent of first batch graduate are already employed in various sector, corporation and private company. Druk Air Cooperation,, and Bhutan Telecom limited, few of cooperation that the recently graduate of E&C employed. To the responsible cooperations, companies and private sectors, if your office are in need of Electronics Engineers or Communication engineers, there are Electronics & Communication Engineering graduates of College of science and Technology and from India too. To the Royal Government of Bhutan, Electronics and Communication Engineers are pleased to work dedicatedly like any of civil servants under RCSC (Royal Civil Servant Commission of Bhutan). Government has the capability to increase the slot in E&C discipline during RCSC examination. Unlike this last year (2013), the slot for Electronics & Communication Engineer during RCSC for 2014 is expecting more than one.

Electronics is advancing throughout the globe but limited job in case of Bhutan. Now, student of E&C engineering of Bhutan should be extra cautious in learning the things. Your knowledge of electronics isn’t adequate to support your life but the practical knowledge is more relevant to sustain your life. There are plenty of job related to electronics and communication in the world (subscribe to electronics or Telecommunication job). There is no single day left without advertising the job vacancy announcement. They asked for fresh Electronics and Communication Engineering graduate. But remember, the skills and practical knowledge is relevant as preference are given to those people. My point out here is that grasp the knowledge at the stage of learning. Don’t worry about getting no job but worry about how you will gain knowledge?  And how you will grasp the knowledge at learning stage.    

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Liebster Blog Award

It was indeed a shocking moment as I saw “you are nominated for an Award” in the inbox of my facebook account. I was out from blogging for more than a week owing to tide schedule. So, I was delay in responding the award questions. Let me Thank Sangay Cholden () for nominating me for the Liebster Blog Award. Once again Kadrinche la for nominating me even though I am not in the position to place in nomination. I take this nominee as an opportunity to enhance the inspiration in writing. To me nomination for Award is motivation, dedication, enthusiasm and confident. I will be still unknown about the origin of Liebster Blog Award after I answer questions.

Question 1.Describe your blog in three words.
· Expression- Unless we ask for freedom, the freedom giver never understand our voice. So, I want to express in best possible way.
· Heart – We should be bold enough to experience the any circumstances of our life. Confident rest in my heart and I will express my heart opinion.
· Soul – As said that soul is the king of our body. My soul guide me while expressing my opinion in my blog.

Question 2. Describe yourself in three words
· Pro-active / Timely – I never procrastinate task.
· Religious minded/Superstition – I belief in birth after death. My immense homage and respect for Great Gurus, Tsa- wai –lam (The root Teacher) and all disciples.
· Love – My love and care to my parents is unmeasurable one. I have also same to sentient being and living creatures.

Question 3. Who/what or where dose your blogging inspiration come from?
Speaking frankly, I being brought up and grown up in far flung village of Bhutan have no idea of social media particularly blogger. It was in early 2012, I came to know the blogging exist from my friend, Phub Namgay who is now Gelong of Semtokha Dratshang. He shown me his article being posted in his dashboard. I started making an account for Gmail and finally I am done with making blogger account. But then it wasn’t active. However after I know how to use blog, I could at least post few articles in the ends of 2012.
The REAL inspiration came to me in early of 2013 from the bloggers like Sangay Cholden, Langa Tenzin and Rima Reyka. I follow them and witness the way they make view of blog attractively. I try to maintain my view of blog attractive like them even though I couldn’t write perfectly like them.
On top of those bloggers, I was inspired by many other bloggers that my inspiration bloggers follows.

Question 4. What kind of blog do like to read and follow?
I read whatever comes on the way. In particular, I have no boundary that restrict the things I read. So, I follow any blog irrespective of good or bad. In the bottom line, I agree with what is wright and disagree with what is wrong.

Question 5. Create new list of questions for the blogger to answer.
My nominee’s questions are:
i) What is your intention for blogging?
ii) Do have a mind of helping new blogger? If yes, how?
iii)Can you related your life with blogging?
iv)What is religion for you?
v)Write something, that you think it will help to reader?

Question 6. What time of the day do you write your best content of the blog?
For me writing isn’t an easy task. It’s not always easy to write. I post the content whenever I have a time. I have no specific and allocated time to post my best content of the blog. As I am in college, I prefer night a best time in posting my best content of the blog.

Question 7. What is your favorite social media?
I can’t describe which social media is my favorite. I give equally important to all social media as every media has its own importance. I have no constant favorite social media. All social media is my favorite.  

My nominees for the Award are;
1. Sangay Duba (Sangay Cholden's Random Thought), A student of College of Science and Technology (4th year). My inspiring blogger.
2. Tshewang Dorji (My SiMpLe ThOuGhTs), A maintenance Engineer at Para Airport.
3. Namgay Chojay (my LITTLE VIEWS), A maintenance Engineer at Paro Airport.
4. Karma Wangzom (Wangzom's Thought), Student of College of Science and Technology.
5. Rima Reyka (Overcome life),

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Assam Strike and Bengal strike.

The part of Bhutan like Jomotshangkha (Daifam), Samdrup Jongkhar, Phuntsholing, Lhamoshingkha (Kalikhola), Samtse, Sarbang, Nanglam and Gelephu are suffering when time of strike organized by Indian (Assam and Bengal people). Places don’t suffer but people of these places suffer. Driving direction; Jomotshangkha to Samdrup Jongkhar, Jomotshangkha to Phuntsholing, Phuntsholing to Samtse, Phuntsholing to Sarbang, Phuntsholing to Gelephu, Samdrup Jongkhar to Nganglam and Phuntsholing to Nganglam are all either via Assam and Bengal or some via both Assam and Bengal.
Frequent Assam and West Bengal strike let people delaying their works. Government service people delay their obtained tour because of strike. Villagers waste their days during strike, otherwise have done field works. Student are worried of delaying because of strike when they come to report to school.
The issue isn’t a new issue. It has been for long time back. Now the concern authority (Government) have to take action in solving the issue. All suffers of those place are all Bhutanese. Is justice prevails in providing the infrastructure to those place is a question. If these places are connected road via Bhutan, the convenience is come to the people to dominate the inconvenience occurs during strike.

Present government had a promise made, to connect those place via Bhutan. We are happy to witness to let the promise getting into reality. Almost a year is passing by for their tenure. Hope the road via Bhutan to those places will exist as their tenure run out.     

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Road of my life.

Road of my life were always difficult to pass by.
 I sometime encountered with some night without sleep, when I reflect the road of my life.
 Road has been always a rough one. 
With a determination and hardship I put, I could at least reach the parking I leaded today.
 I have still extra miles to cross the road.

The difficulties; effort to the expenditure of my needs was purely a problem as there is no one behind me to support. 
My father and mother earn nothing. 
They are simple farmer but they did it. 
They let me to stand similar as other people stand. 
The sweat they sweat for me shall never to be forgotten. 
I will always let their hardship to go in no vain.  

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ruining of girl’s life by boys.

Blaming and criticizing people for mistake are with every people. We never think before we blame for their mistake. Should we blame for girl if she is pregnant? We should understand the situation before we blame. We as a boy never understand the pain and worry that the girl have. Boy always cheat girl to gain the pleasure. The common words like” I love you and will marry you” are said by boy to girls. The helpless girl believe the untrue words. Finally, she listen what he say. If girl is pregnant, boys never turn up for her help. Imagine you are in her shoe. Carrying infant in stomach without marrying will bring you a great sorrow. The unending thought like what my parent will say if they know? Society will blame me if they know and I would feel shy if they know are always within her mind.

Now to all my friends, boys: Never think of spoiling and ruining the life of girl by saying untrue words if you have no mind to care her. Treat them as your sister rather than cheating and spoiling her life. Think about our precious life being spoiled by someone. I can’t comment, what we would have in our mind if our life is spoil by someone. Think about the situation of your own in not fulfilling what you targeted. How much you feel sad. It is understand, girl suffer a lot with boy spoiling her life. If we spoil girl, it’s a great shame to us.

If any of girls read this article, I have few words to tell you. Never believe in boy’s words until you trust him. You should trust him not within short period of time. Always try to dig out the true feelings to you before you believe him, otherwise he will ruin your life.