Monday, April 28, 2014

Inspiring and motivating speech by Dean Academic, CST.

I was inspired by Dean Academic speech made today during the hosting session of assembly (28/4/2014). He started with scaring student. You are done with two third of semester and you are left with one third of semester. Timetable for end semester will out within short period of time (maximum 10 days from today).
Some student who listened might think it was simple strategies when he make speech but those common and simple strategies generally make mistake by everyone of us in daily life.
I could take note of his speech. Below are highlighted point that I could catch up.
·      Happiness,
·      Sleep and
·      Toy/instrument.
On top of tending to forget doing our scheduled task we disturb serious student at work. For instance when it is time for studying (at 8pm, generally observe as silence hour) students go room to room for gossiping to kill his or her boredom. To students who are genuinely want to study has no option to reject his gossip as Dean has pointed out all student are brought up in the cream of Bhutanese system. If you really want happy within yourself and want to see your friend happy, don’t go to gossip with serious student during silence hour (study hour at 8pm). If you go and gossip with serious student, you are making your friend unhappy as your friend think for sure is, it would better if you go.
In connection with happiness he talks about duration of sleep that we required. He mention three type of sleeps: Under sleep, Normal sleep and Over sleep. If we fall under the category of Under sleep and Over sleep we will have problem. Instead of feeling light you feel drowsy and pain of body. Hope you all have better experience of it. Now what is the solution for above problem? To get solution you have to read sub-topic toys/instrument as follow.
He used sensitive and unforgettable word like Toys/Instruments. Here Toys/Instrument represent laptop and things that are main factor for wasting time. There is only one weekend in a week but for us every week days are treated as weekend. Every day you watch movies and browsing social media for no purposes at late night.  Here comes the problem by Under sleep. Some student prefer early to bed than watching movies or browsing social media but we never realize how much we sleep and here comes problem by Over sleep. Staying late night result in Under sleep on top of missing morning class that start at 8am. Over sleep is for sure to miss all classes of morning session.
I learn great lesson with his simple and effective speech.
P.S: Instead of going room to room for gossiping, make timer (6 hours) and go to bed. Walk up early when timer walks you up. It will make you happy within and your friend too.
And Dzongkha proverb says: ཕྱི་རུ་ཉལ་མ་ཤེས་རྟ་དང་འདྲ་།དྲོ་པ་ལོང་མ་ཤེས་ཕགཔ་དང་འདྲ་།

“It says one who go to bed at late night are same as horse and one who walk up late in the morning are as same as pig”.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Jig-Zang Methodology for examination.

There will be someone who succeed with no plan. This would be rare. For people like us, have to have methodology to process to reach destination.
Examination are never ending. From primary school till college life and it will goes on till you die. You have to sit for exam if you are trying to get job.
My strategies for preparing exam are simple. I have been following since lower secondary school.
  •      Never leave everything for last minutes. Burning mid-night candle during exam time for me do not work.
  •       Up to date is my rule. Updating day’s lesson within day itself. I adjust my time at any cost.
  •      Relax when exam come just by revising. Revising become easy.
  •      No panic at last moment when exam is near door step.
If you think my strategies are simple and effective, you may follow it. I still have tough time in following above methodology. You can try it. You can do it.

I have meet many friends struggling at last minutes and panicking about exam. Do you want to avoid panicking?
Then, Learn when you are learning. Don’t learn as a sack of learning. For instance, it is time for this subject. Opening page for an hour and saying I learn as per my schedule isn’t fair to yourself.   

Friday, April 25, 2014

Battle of Phase Test II on the way.

 With module elective II at 4:00pm to 5:00pm BST, I am done with four module. The only module CCN (Computer & Communication Network) is left for tomorrow’s test (26/4/2014 9:30am-10:30am). Preparing at least two paper per day isn't easy. 
I couldn’t do well in all.
I am hoping for best in CCN. Burning mid-night candle is only solution. In deed I hate torturing myself. I regret for not updating on time.

My faith on Tsa-Wai-Lam and god shall strengthen ever before now. I believe, with bless along with my endeavor and hard work will hit the target that I aim.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wanting to be vegetarian.

I planned to become vegetarian but I failed. I won't give up easily. I am waiting for auspicious day to quit meat to become vegetarian. I goggled and found many advantages for being vegetarian. 

Following are the advantages I found:
1. Lower risk of lung and colorectal cancer. A diet filled with fruits, vegetables, and fiber can help reduce the risk of lung disease and related illnesses.
2. Prevention of Type 2  diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is becoming more common with the rise of obesity around the world, and vegetarian diets may even can prevent it by including complex carbs and fiber that help the body manage insulin more efficiently.
3. Healthy skin. Diets rich in water-based and plant foods are a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins-ideal for healthier skin every season.
4. Chemical-free food. Meat-based diets take in animal cells and fats, along with chemicals and by products used on the animals during processing. This can include chemicals sprayed on the dead animal, preservatives, and other unnatural ingredients used for packaging and mass distribution.
5. Hormone-free eating. Fruits, vegetables, and soy products are never injected with growth hormones and other chemicals that may harm the human body.
6. Increased energy. With the body spending less time digesting animal protein, an energy boost is a nice side effect.
7. Lower blood pressure. Vegan and vegetarian diets can be naturally low in fat and sodium, helping reduce blood pressure and improve circulation instead.
8. Improved digestion. Plant-based foods and fresh fruita are rich in fiber, improving the digestion and elimination process. High fiber diets have also been linked to preventing certain types of cancer.
9. Lowered risk of diabetes. Steady blood sugar is easily achieved with a nutritions vegetarian diet, and the cycle of blood sugar peaks and crashes is almost eliminated without the meat and unhealthy carb combinations.
10. Lower grocery shopping bills. By shopping the perimeter of the grocery store and stocking up on high-fiber, highly nutritious food, vegetarians can eliminate almost 25% of their food budgets without pounds of meat on the bill. In some cases this balances out if the vegetarian shopper chooses to buy premium veg brands and gourmet ingredients, but average costs do tend to be much lower per trip.
11. Toxin-free food. Some studies suggest that when animals experience fear, the adrenaline rush causes a release of epinephrine, steroids, and other stress hormones into the bloodstream. These are then ingested by the meat eater, presenting a range of toxins that can accumulate in the blood.
12. Healthy amino acids. Plant-based proteins (e.g. soy) can be an excellent source of amino acids that help with protein assimilation and metabolism.
13. Low or no saturated fat. Vegetarian menus typical use all-natural oils and cooking methods to enhance flavor. This is free of unhealthy saturated fat which can lead to a variety of heart problems and cardiovascular disease.
14. Increased life span. With the body in harmony and free of harmful toxins and chemical buildup, vegetarians may live longer than their fellow meat eaters. According to William Cstelli, MD, director f or the Farmingham Heart Study, vegetarians can live up to 3-6 years longer than meat eaters.
15. Appreciation for simple flavors. After eliminating meat from the diet, it becomes much easier to differentiate flavors and get a real taste for fruits and vegetables. Palettes can become much more sensitive to different flavors, textures, and combinations.
16. Healthy cholesterol levels. Without unhealthy meat and fat sources in the diet, cholesterol levels of vegetarians can be considerably lower and easily fall into a healthy range.
17. Lower risk of cancer. With a diet rich in antioxidants, and vitamins, vegetarians naturally lower their risk of cancer and other diseases. Meat eaters, especially those that indulge in fatty meats are at a much higher risk of cancer.
From eating more nutritious food and lowering the risk of cancer, the vegetarian lifestyle offers many advantages over a meat-based diet. Dining and grocery options for vegetarians are improving as more people embrace this lifestyle for the long-term; are you one of them?

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Farewell picnic 2014.

TEAM working to get sound system for the day.
I had a dream of walking along the bank of Torsa River with my friends. We plan to swim. When we were about to swim door was knocking strongly saying “3rd years”. My sleep and dream was vanished. It was only 3:00 am but I joined rest of my friends for walking up my fellow friends.
We as an organizer (3rd year) had to walk up all the students to reach picnic spot on time. Picnic spot for summer semester is usually at Torsa river bank. This picnic is mainly dedicated to emerging outgoing final year students.
For my team, we were assigned to make a sound system for the day. We the student of third year Electronics and Communication Engineering  arranged all the things like amplifier, mikes, and necessary things for sound and load on the bus.
As soon we reached at picnic spot we started to fix wiring of sound system but we are in need of generator as there isn’t AC source. Organizer had hired generator and we aren’t worried of not getting. It was 10:00am and sound system was ready but DJ haven’t reported.
Finally DJ arrived around 10:30 am.
Our task ended when we handover mike to DJ.
Now winter semester will come. It is in this semester well come picnic will be organize by 2nd year students. It is mainly dedicate to newcomers (1st year students).

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Trip to Thoungphu Gonpa.

No sooner than I saw the stupas upload by one of my brother in facebook reminds me about the trip to Thoungphu Gonpa when I was in Nangkor Higher secondary School. 
It was in the year 2010 when I was in +2. Thoungphu Gonpa was about 7 hours walk from Nangkor School. We walk up early in the morning around 3:00am and started our journey.
We arrived at Tsebar one of the village on the way to our trip at 8:00am. We had breakfast at friend Sonam Tshering home. Sonam Tshering was also the student of NHSS. Recently he was graduated from Jigme Namgyel Polytechnic. I am thankful to my friend Sonam Tshering for helping hand on my way of trip.
We started our journey to destination and it was when we climbed uphill we came cross stupas which remind me when i saw in facebook and allow me to write today. 
Stimulation Stupa for this post

Finally we reached at Thoungphu Gonpa. We prostrate, offer prayers and Nyendar inside alter. Due to limited time we started our way back to school within short period of time. We have to attain evening study (as boarding school has system). We tried our best to attain evening study but we couldn’t. We were still at Khothakpa (Gypsum Mining area, Pema Gatshel) when evening study time was started. There was no way that we can take short cut. Ultimate option was to take, way along the road which is more than 2 hours walk. At the time we reached at school everything was over. Forgetting about the evening study even the night study (9-10 pm) was over. Walking about 16 hours to and fro was an exhausting trip. We went to bed without a dinner with tiring mind and body.
To my surprise, our name (those who went trip to Thoungphu Gonpa) was called by Teacher on duty in the morning assembly for not attaining evening study. We are brief for few second by Principal. He didn’t understand how much we suffered on the way to Gonpa and way back to school but he talk nonsense.
We planned our trip with good intention on auspicious day. It was satisfying trip when I think about it now. I am happy when I think about enjoyment we had on the way.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

རང་དབང་མེད་པའི་སེམས། (written just for fun)