Friday, June 27, 2014

Council deferment on revised salary. Who is wiser in making decision, NC or NA?

I would like to compiled information from newspaper, kuensel, the national daily newspaper issued at different date.
First, from the Kuensel dated June, 20, 2014 article titled “PM declines revised salary” ( it state “Lyonchhoen stated that he would be accepting the salary equivalent to that received by the cabinet ministers, and the additional monthly amount of Nu 50,000 would be donated to charity organisations at the end of his five-year term.”  It also has stated “Lyonchhoen had however not identified the charities that he will donate his approximately Nu 2.7M at the end of his term.
Kuesel article “Council deferment could save the exchequer nu.54m” ( dated June,27, 2014 state “National Council members’ decision to defer their revised salary indefinitely would save about Nu 12M a year, and about Nu 54M for the next four and half years, for the government, according to finance ministry officials.
With the National Assembly endorsing the pay revision, starting July 1, a minister will now get Nu 52,000 more a month on his existing minimum pay of Nu 78,000.
This means, in the next four and a half years, the government would spend Nu 28.08M on paying the increased amount to the 10 ministers.
With the council deciding to defer the raise, the council’s chairperson will continue to draw his existing salary of Nu 78,000 a month, and not the one that the Assembly had passed, which is pegged to the cabinet ministers at Nu 130,000 a month.
It also means that the council’s deputy chairperson will continue to draw Nu 63,000 and not Nu 75,160 as endorsed by the National Assembly.
Each of the remaining 23 council members will also not take home the revised Nu 65,930 a month salary and continue to draw Nu 55,490 a month, which is inclusive of their lump sum salary allowance.”
 “This means, if the National Council’s decision to defer the raise for themselves continues until the end of their term, then the savings of Nu 54M would also cover in paying the raise for all 10 ministers as well the prime minister.
 Now, analyze which decision is wiser, NA or NC? If PM let to believe the recommendation sent by NC to NA members regarding the pay hike, there is no question of not believing his speech by NA members as he being the PM of Bhutan. If house make good decision, PM fame is going to enhanced but at the same time if house make wrong decision PM should accountable for it.

PM will donate Nu.50, 000 (2.7million) for charity but NC will save 54 million.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Only the opportunity matter, after all everyone is same.

People say they will serve you better than other if they are given chance. Given the chance, will they serve you better? Whether they will serve you better will be known if given a chance to serve you. PDP said that give us one chance to serve you so that you will realize we are serving the people. People gave them a chance to serve and PDP are serving. People are witnessing the serve. By this time people might have realize they are serving the people.
PDP lavishly blame DPT in all field during DPT’s tenure; farm road are constructed in vulnerable state, huge debt, Tobacco Act and many more. People are witnessing the task performing by PDP. In the name of pay revision to civil servants, they had done wonderful job. People are witnessing their ideas and realizing PDP are giving us to realize that they are serving for themselves. The strong and only reason they gave for fat pay hike for parliaments is for attraction of capable candidates in future. Capable candidates are required in every organization, corporation, sector and ministries. What if all capable candidates of those associations opt for politics? Is the current payment for parliaments that much low to make end meet and to attract capable candidates? Is Bhutan has reach to that much materialistic world?  Is Bhutan rich to support all those payment?
People do same thing if not more than ever. The only thing is they lack opportunity to act. Blame other critically and get opportunity to do even worse than other could people’s philosophy.
At this juncture, all Bhutanese might be realizing what our first democratically elected Prime Minister Lyonchhen Jigme Yoeser Thinley speech about its truth and meaning residing in the paragraph below.

"In my life, I came across many great opportunities and achieved great responsibilities. And amongst all, one of the most important and greatest opportunities I got was to serve his Majesty the 4th King of Bhutan, as a chamberlain in 1974, since then, I have had the privilege of being in key positions and serving the tsa wa sum. I don't know, hereafter, I will be able to come back to serve the people or not. But if I didn't, one day, the people of Bhutan will know, that Jigme Y Thinley, was not wrong and had served the nation with much love"

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

GIS, Remote Sensing and Artificial Intelligence.

Semester end exam for 6th semester was concluded on 14th June, 2014. All students are gone for vacation to spend with their parents. I am still in college to complete my research work on 3-D map of CST (College of Science and Technology) Campus. I should stay till 30th of June, 2014.
My research on 3-D map of CST (College of Science and Technology) Campus started with exam on GIS, Remote Sensing and Artificial Intelligence.
On the first day (17th, June, 2014), we discussed about the parameters, objectives, methodology and output of the topic. We also discussed about the software that we required to get output.



Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Leaving to the Royal Palace of Madrid seek Thankfulness.

Under the Interweave Project, I am leaving to the Royal Palace of Madrid within short period of time particularly the Basque country. The university, Mondragon unibertsitatea is where I will be spending my 10 months undergraduate mobility.
Let me extend my heartfelt gratitude to one who supports me during the process in applying. Firstly, to the International Coordinate Mr. Roshan Chhetri, Faculty of Electrical Department (College of science and Technology) who had guide me throughout the process of applying. HoD, Electronics & Communication Engineering Department, Madam Karma Kelzang Eudon (Madam KK) and Dr. Kazuhiro Muramatsu, Senior Lecture in Electronics & Communication Engineering Department. Madam KK inspired me to apply by giving full support. She helps me whenever I was having problem. Let me say Thank You Madam for your generous supports. Dr. Kazu helps me in scanning document whenever I ask him. In deed he was there every time I was in need of his supports. I say Thank You sir for your time. To all, who support me directly and indirectly are equally helpful and I offer my thankfulness.
I am also thanking to the Interweave Project for providing me with such opportunity. I am sure it will be my life time opportunity. I may have time but I may not have support. I may have support but I may not have time. Once again thank you very much Interweave Project for this wonderful opportunity.
My dream of visiting third country is finally realizing. I will enjoy my stay in Royal Palace of Madrid with productive outcome.
I will write more about my feeling when I am in Royal Palace of Madrid within a short period of time.
Interweave logo, Scholarship offer by them.
Basque Country Location (Spain)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The World Cup 2014.

My team this time will be Italy. It wasn't by heart choice but was lucky draw among friends. I also got Bosnia-Herzegovina to chear up.
Italy, by potential of its player I am sure it will come to second to none this time. 

Italy this time, world cup 2014. Chears!!!

Grateful person to me.

I stand today at where I am and looking back, let me to think more: The support they gave me to reach where I am today. Advice they gave me to stand in front of crowd with discipline. Bravery they gave me to proceed through my way of life.
I have all who support directly or indirectly in my heart. I shall never forget for their support. My only hope for now is to repay them with sincere heart after I am capable

Monday, June 2, 2014

Just to continue.

My last post was on 1st May of 2014. Counting the days that I was out  of blogging made me to think for a while but I am still not guilty of that. The days of the May month was tough and busy for me.
Will resume my thought writing after few weeks.