Friday, August 29, 2014

My only and unique brother, Gom Dorji.

Gom Droji and Jigme Zangpo
We are brother by fate and I am happy to be his brother. Growing up in same family and I have many memory that cherished my lonely mind whenever I think of it. Unlike other brothers who don’t stay always together as a brotherhood but we always stay together until I got to go to Spain for exchange program scholarship.
We studied our pre-primary school in same school in our village. I went separated in 2003 from my brother in Lauri Primary School to complete my class six. It was also in 2004 when he was still in class six in village, I was in Minjiwoong Lower Secondary school studying in class seven. We are together in the year 2005 in Minjiwoong School. We stayed on same bed. Unfortunately I was ill in 2005 and couldn’t attend final exam. In the year 2006 instead of feeling unhappy as I missed a year, I still remember that I was happy as I could study together with my brother. We were in same standard from that onward.
It was in Nanglam Middle Secondary School, we were in same class (IX A) on top of we stay on same bed. We could complete class X peacefully in same class and same bed in the year 2008.
The result of Bhutan Certificate of Secondary Education (BCSE Class-X) was declare on the month of February, 2009. We were both qualified to 11. We were place in Nangkor Higher Secondary School. He was in 11 science B and I was in 11 science A of course we are in same room. We completed our +2 in Nangkor in the year 2010.
Bhutan Higher Secondary Education Certificate was declare at end of the January, 2011. We were not satisfied with our result. He would have qualified for studies outside country if his language mark is or above 55%. Unfortunately fate decide him to be Engineer and he was got selected under the discipline, Electrical Engineering program in College of Science and technology. Mathematics Honors was only option left for me to study outside country but fate decide elder brother to be Engineer too. I was selected for Electronics and Communication Engineering program in the same college. We were both happy to be engineer despite knowing my course has no scope in Bhutan.
Looking back from where we are today to where we come from; we are happy for our hard work and determination. Three year in college was gone forever. The days and night we spent together in same room for 6 semester was really a wonderful. You obeying me as I was your brother but brother I am sorry that I couldn’t obey you much, as you did. It was my only regret that is lingering on my mind when we are no more together. I now realize the value of respect and obedient. I am once again sorry my dear brother, Gom Dorji.  Forgive me for being impoliteness sometime. I am happy because you always understand my nature. Brother, I shall always keep our bond brotherhood strengthen ever and ever. I know there is no doubt from your side. I have great expectation from you that you can unit our family as family itself.
Now you are in final year and my hope along with deepest prayer; always be who you are, never get away by negative friend and have a mind of caring our precious parents.
Your brother shall be in Spain for 10 months missing you all.
With affection.

Jigme Zangpo.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

My VISA of Spain was approved.

Finally I got VISA of Spain after almost a month I submitted documents. Thank you everyone for helping me to obtained VISA. Now everything is ready and I am ready to leave to Royal Palace of Madrid.  
Come 1st of September, 2014 I will be leaving to Spain via Belgium capital Bessel. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Emotion of departure.

7 to 12 of August, 2014 was the moment, moment of happiness. The very reason for considering the moment as moment of happiness is: I could meet my parents and relatives. The moment of happiness was transient period for me. The moment of happiness altered into moment of sorrow as soon I say final good bye to my parents and relatives. The moment of sorrow become really bad moment of sorrow when I could witness tear drop of love and care falling down from my mother’s eyes. I consoled my mother saying I will be back soon. I am going for good purpose. I am going neither to die nor to stay permanently there.
I shall always remember your sweet words as advice to become your good son.
My affection and care for parents and relatives shall never out of my mind until I am human being. I will let all of you to realize the true affection and care from me.

My only prayer; to meet you all in good condition as before when I am back.