Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Happy New Year,2015

To all the reader, I wish you "Happy New Year, 2015". May the year 2015 be successful, prosperous, wish fulfilling and joy-able year. 
To our astonishing notice, a year 2014 has come to end. If we reflect back to the bygone days of 2014, we see the success and failure we came across but lets forget everything and be prepared for 2015. Let us pursuit the goal of 2015 with dedication and determination but with never neglecting the believe and trust to god almighty, the triple gem (ken cho sum) and the root teacher (tsa wai lam).
A New Year Tashi Delek.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Update from kuenselonline (the daily Bhutan national newspaper) and BBS (Bhutan Broadcasting Service).

Browsing kuenselonline as soon I wake up is my daily schedule. Bhutan is ahead of +6 hours ahead of GMT and Spain is +1 hours ahead of GMT. The time difference between Bhutan and Spain is 5 hours. Bhutan is ahead of 5 hours from Spain. As soon as I wake up around 9am in the morning, Bhutan is 1pm in the afternoon. The update in kuenselonline is already done for the day. I get update as soon I wake up about the Bhutan.
Usually kuenselonline update the news which happen one day before. But I know the news of particular days from BBS. The BBS update their collected news of the day after 6pm BST (Bhutan Standard Time).

I pay my gratitude to Kuensel Corporation and BBSC (Bhutan Broadcasting Service Corporation) for keeping me update. I also thank Miss Chimi Lhamo, a student of Riga University, Latvia for forwarding me a mail the daily eKuensel.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

2014 is leaving.

Time keep on changing. Days making to week, weeks to months and ultimately months to year. Twelve months makes a year. 52 weeks makes a year. 365 days makes a year. December month is the 12th month of the year. Today is 20th December, 2014. A year 2014 has come to end. Among the month, it reach to the last month of the year. Among the weeks, a year 2014 reach to 51st week which is the second last week of the year. And 11 days to wind up 2014.
Life is short like a transient period of lightning. A New Year mean one more year has come closer to death. We are uncertain of where and when our death may occur. Therefore let us lead our life meaningfully and mindfully in all year we live in.
After 11 days, a New Year 2015 will arrive. We can’t predict what may happen in year 2015. But I have only one thing in my heart, my only root teacher. I have faith and believe to my root teacher. The credit for my success goes to my root teacher and of course many more people.
As 2015 is arriving soon, I wish each one of you, “A happy new year, 2015. Have fun but never forget to pray on the other hand”.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Chasing your dream lead to sleepless night.

 I think many of you have experience a sleepless night. We try to sleep but can’t sleep. We never really realize why we experience a sleepless night. I will share my own experience why I experience sleepless night.
The moment you start do pillow mantra (dreaming of future as you sleep), it get connected to another dream. And get connected to another dream. It goes on till our night of sleepless night is being created. Then we try our best to sleep but we can’t sleep peacefully with heavy mind. A mind with hopes and dreams of future.
After an hours long of dreaming, mind get totally exhausted. By then it is early in the morning. It is time to wake up. We prefer to sleep over waking up. We miss our daily schedule due to morning deep sleep till afternoon.

I would never chase dream anymore at night. I will avoid doing pillow mantra.