THOUGHT OF JIGME ZANGPO: Sharchop live calling show.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sharchop live calling show.

To keep people connect to each other through message, radio program have live calling show. The calling show in which people call to radio host and tell their message to their relatives and love one. To offer the people entertainment, radio program has live calling show. Similarly, Bhutan Broadcasting Services (BBS) have program called live calling show.

I was never alone here, as I kept on listening BBS radio through live streaming in Spain. Thank you ana Tshering Dema, the BBS host who gave me the link for live streaming. I have been listening to BBS radio particularly Sharchop program (Tshnagla lo Program) for 9 months and still a month to go.

Among the programs I listened, I had one program which I can’t forget. Time and again, I remembered that moment as I tuned BBS radio particularly live calling show. It was the night of 30th day, 11 month of Bhutanese calendar where they hosted a special program of live calling show dedicating to eastern people. The next day was 1st day of 12 month of Bhutanese calendar where eastern people celebrated the day as Chungnipa losar (I will not write about the significant of the day).  The hosts of that program were all the sharchop section host (majority was there and I am not sure of all were present or not). I tuned the BBS radio of sharchop live calling show of that night, I sensed I was listening from Bhutanese soil. As the program goes on, the more fun and joke are being cracked by hosts. It was more fun when I remembered I laughed a lot all alone in my room. I couldn’t control the laugh. Thank you hosts for the enjoyment and pleasure. Among the host was ana Tshering Dema who I met through google hangout long time back. Ana Tshering Dema is not too bad in craking joke. Ana is experienced host and she let listeners never regret listing her program. I too like her program and I always tune till end of the program if she is the host. I doesn’t mean other hosts are not good but I like when Ana host the program.

Thank you ana for reading my dedication in one of the program of reading the dedication. My parent were happy as they heard my dedication as you read out. You made my living in Spain like I living in Bhutan. I feel like I was in Bhutan as I tuned your program. Kadrinche ana Tshering. Looking for more program in the future.