THOUGHT OF JIGME ZANGPO: Slaughter house Versus Meat Processing Unit

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Slaughter house Versus Meat Processing Unit

The ongoing debate about slaughter house to be set up in Bhutan on social media particularly in facebook groups and pages bother me a lot.
One who want to eat meat brings their own reasons to defense who don’t want slaughter house to set up. It was so funny some people even said that eat chicken because it doesn’t give oxygen but don’t eat plant (vegetable) because it give us oxygen. On the other hand those who don’t want slaughter house to set up said that animals feel the pain as we human do. Some even bring religion in between to emphasize why we should become vegetarian. In deed some people underestimate Buddhist practitioners are not vegetarian based on few who are non-vegetarian. We believe in cause and effect and our mischievous voice will answer in the long run.

Is our government wise in changing the concept when people are debating on slaughter house stating they don’t want or media are cooking the story of slaughter house?  People start debating upon seeing the government is going to start up slaughter house on media. It is not easy to understand the government yet I already understood my part. Now, government say, they never say we want slaughter house in Bhutan. They say, they will have Meat Processing Unit by importing raw meat form other country. They also said that if people are unhappy of Meat processing unit, they will do away with that plan.

Many Bhutanese are non-vegetarian. How we can be vegetarians when we live in the society of orthodox. Many Bhutanese say if the delivered mother is not feed with meat, she will not get enough protein or nutrient. The truth is there are many mothers who are vegetarians and giving birth.
Many Bhutanese proudly say that Bhutanese are hypocrite. They never want slaughter house in Bhutan but want to eat meat. I think everyone can eat meat if you like but it is no good to encourage one who don’t want to eat. Setting up Meat processing unit or slaughter house is indirectly encouraging people to eat.

There are few people who bring politics in between for debating. Please, let us never bring politics parties in between. After all animals will suffer before their body turn in to meat curry in front of us but not the politics people. Let us offer our sympathy to all the animals as per our capacities.

I hope and pray, no slaughter house or meat processing unit setting up will happen in Bhutan. I believe in government that they will do away with that plan. Let us inform the world one day that Bhutan nation is the vegetarian nation. 
Animal equality in the slaughter house .