THOUGHT OF JIGME ZANGPO: Welcome brothers and sisters to College of Science and Technology, CST

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Welcome brothers and sisters to College of Science and Technology, CST

I welcome each and every first year  students to the College of Science and Technology, CST. May you all have a fruitful stay in CST for four years.

I welcome you all with few words which I knew from my experiences (three years form CST and one year from Spain). I am neither your father nor your mother yet I want to leave few words. I hope few words will guide you to pass your first year without any troubles.

College and school is totally different as you know more than me. Like school where teachers guide students: ask students to study and guide if student go out of track but this things may not happen in college. Lecturers will lecture the lesson but may not tell you what your teachers said. This is owing to you consider as adult.  Never trust your intelligent like what you did in school. And especially in Engineering college it is difficult to trust your intelligent. I saw many students who trust his intelligent and finally went packing his luggage from college to home. So, hard work is more important than intelligent. Keep up to date with all lecture note for any test. Trusting your intelligent and keeping everything for last minutes will ruin you, you may fail to step up to the next semester and finally reach to packing the luggage to home.

Again, one relevant thing is freedom. College and home is totally different. At your home, your parent give advice when you do mischievous things. You may also go out of track because of peer pressure in college. There will be freedom in college which may not in school but if you misuse the freedom then freedom will misuse you. No one will come behind you like home and school. You are consider as adult in college. They assume, you know what is good and bad, what to do and what not to do and what to tell and what not to tell. It is better you use freedom in wiser way before college management terminate you.
And, choose good friends. There are all sort of friends, good and bad. It is better to stay safer side by choosing good friends. Many students are ruining their life because of bad friends