Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Rumors from CST scattering from corner to corner.

The recent headline in Thimphu Confession Page about CST let me to write something. I expect a problem from 800 plus students and my expectation come true. My expectation proof to be wrong when I understand how problem raised (I won’t mention problem here).

Generally speaking, today’s youth are smart in creating problem. They never listen to elders. This applies to few. Most of the youths are exceptionally good. The recent issue in CST should be within CST but due to few rotten apple it just get spread throughout the country. I wonder why they should spread the rumors. Even if rumors is true they should think they are member of CST and avoid spreading. It take many years to gain the name and fame of person but with a simple mistake the name and fame gather get collapse cruelly. CST had maintain its reputation for a decade because of good seniors but reputation collapse recently because of junior’s deed and rumors in confession page. I felt sorry for making CST a headline in social media.

Frankly speaking, student of CST are working hard to achieve what they desire. They work hard to become a capable and good engineers. I know all students of our country are hardworking students. Let us never generalize the students as problematic just because of few problem. We know there will be problematic people anywhere. Let give problematic people an opportunities to change themselves. We will surprise to see them changing to normal. Let us support them by not blaming.

Now, let us shoulder our responsibilities to serve our country. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Audience arrived. John and James is on the stage and Drama about to start.

John: Hey man, do you have a heart to hurt?
James: Yo man, are you mad? I do have heart but I won’t answer whether my heart know when and how to hurt.

John: Okey brother. Let us discuss about feelings for a while. Shall we?
James: Yeah of course but why you want particularly this silly topic. There are many interesting topic to be discussed.
John: James, forget about other topic for now. I doubt whether people really have heart because they only know about their heart. To be frank, I was hurt with my friend Oskarbe before he was hurt with me. And….(Conversation disturb in between).

James: Oh yeah. I heard Oskarbe was hurt with you John. I didn’t ask him because I know he will just tell greener part of his incident.

John: What you mean by greener part?

James: Greener part in the sense, people just talk good or right thing about themselves when they have contradict with anyone. You know I never like to listen bad-mouthing (backbiting). Anyway John, I say just forget those fucking shit.

John: Thanks brother. (Audience murmur as louder).

James and John exit. (Drama still not started)