THOUGHT OF JIGME ZANGPO: Reading his post isn’t a waste of time.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Reading his post isn’t a waste of time.

Thank you facebook page “Writer Association of Bhutan.” It was through this page I came across one inspiring writer who daily write about his life experiences and piece of encouragement to youth. Sometime a heart laughter by writing piece of joke.  His post never let me to waste my time rather it give a joy of reading his post. He writes daily. Sometime more than a post. His writing is simple but never fall to impress me for his style of writing. If you read what I am writing and you are also one of the reader of his writing, you will believe me because you too might have same feeling like me.

I have been reading his post on facebook page “Writer Association of Bhutan” long time back. A week ago, I decided to send him a friend request on his facebook account. Before I send him a request, I browsed his facebook page and found no photo of him. I guess he is elder because in his several post, he has mentioned about his children. I sent friend request and he accepted my request. Thank you la for accept. Now I can see his post on his timeline. I need not have to go to Writer Association of Bhutan page for his post.
 Did I make sense who I am talking about? Who I am talking? Could please mention his good name?