Friday, January 30, 2015

Totally difference is the way of learning.

As I keep on staying and learning the way of their learning in Mondragon University, Spain the totally difference is the way of learning that I noticed.
If I compare with my home university (College of Science and Technology) and host university (Mondragon, Spain), I noticed a huge difference.
We have a long syllabus for each module in home university. Two term test (exam) is being conducted before the end semester exam. And in between many assignments and presentations for one module. A huge burden to be shouldered by students for all those activities.
In Host University, I am not burden with those activities which my home university has. Here a short syllabus for a module. A maximum of two exam for a module which bring end of exam. Practical is more important they give beside theory.
My opinion based on my experience; their way of learning is best and good for our way of learning. They will learn more as they do practical a side by side. A long syllabus create the confusion to average student instead of gaining something. A short syllabus with content of important element of subject gives better learning.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Thank you madam, Rema for the award for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

7 fact about me
1.      I like to do things on time. I think, I am punctual in any task.
2.      I get angry for silly reason. I think, I am short tempered. I am trying to be cool as possible.
3.      I love my parent more than anything else. I think, they are my first preference to get consult before I decide decision
4.      I believe in fate, the previous karma. I think, I believe immensely to my root teacher. Every good thing happen with no bad circumstances are the result of my root teacher’s prayer.
5.      I really don’t have any plan for future. I think, I have no mind of acquisition of material comforts.
6.      I remember one who help me when I am in desperate in need of help. I think, I can’t forget those people instead I shall repay them with my possibility.
7.      I dream of helping needy one. I think, my dream is going to be fulfiled.

My nominee are:
1. Miss. Karma Wangzom
3.Mr. Sherab Tenzin 
8.Miss. Sonam Yangzom
9.Miss. Tshering Cheki
10.Mr. Pema Wangyel
11. Miss. Lekey Chiden Dorji
14.Mr. Sancha Rai

To my nominee, Write 7 facts about yourself and nominate 15 blogger for Very Inspiring Blogger. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Decision after decision is the current scenario with the government.

The one firm decision is more than important than decision after decision. The government decision is never a final decision. Their decision is always altering as if like unpredictable weather. The time has reached where people can’t rely on government decision. At any time, decision may get alter may be the notion of the people now.
To cite few instances, first the decision of Leaked question paper of class XII English paper II. BCSEA decided the decision. Education Ministry bureaucrat from government side is also the committee of the BCSEA. Their decision has come to finalized that “The obtain mark from English I shall allocated to English II”. No sooner did the notice was disturbed in social media, the people raise their concern. The concern raised was opposing the decision. People want decision to be “REDO the EXAM”. After few days, government asked BCSEA committee to review the decision. One thing I like government at least this time as they hear what people say but remember they were deaf ear during the concern raised about pay hike.
RCSC website

RCSC website

Second comes the recruitment of B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) graduate decision. I understand getting job after graduate is not for sure but what I am sure is getting employ for B.Ed graduates as country suffer shortage of teachers. We have been saying shortage of teachers. But to our surprise, government say excess of teachers. What could be reason behind for saying excess of teachers in the country? Is that because of system change? Is that because of center school system yet to be established? Question keep on asking to my mind.
RCSC announced the slot for B.Ed graduates with total of 182. 417 graduates appeared for RCSE which means half the graduates will be unemployed in government service. In one of the talk between B.Ed graduates and Prime Minister, PM said that we need only science teachers. But if we look in the vacancy announcement, there are 5 slot for 54 graduate under disciple B.Ed (secondary) Math + Physics and 2 slots for 21 graduates under disciple B.Ed (secondary) Biology + Chemistry. So, I couldn’t correlated with vacancy announcement of science student and what government said.

Now, government asked RCSC to relook the allocation for B.Ed graduates. Again a dozen of question arise in my mind. Why decision after decision? 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

A semester in Mondragon University, Spain coming to wind up.

Several days left to wind up first semester in Mondragon University, Spain. Semester coming to end and everything is coming to the end, the syllabus of modules and projects. Everything coming to end connect to pending of doing many task. A completion of projects, the final presentation and appearing for exam for every module.

The coordinator of Erasmus Mundus had already circulated the mail about the modules for next semester. I couldn’t decide which modules to take in second semester in Mondragon. Most probably I will take module with no programing language. The modules related to business managements.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Visit to Ubersee Musuem, Bremen, Germany

Visit to Rhododendron Park, Bremen, Germany

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Trip to Bremen, Germany.

I made a visit to Germany on 30 December, 2014. The reason behind for visiting was to visit places and my Bhutanese friends in Germany.
My friends: Rinzin WangdiUgyen Nima and Nima Zangmo well come us with open arm. For your hospitality, I thank you from my heart. Thank you friends. To my surprise, their friends, joined them to well come us. They invited us for gathering. There was enough eatable things. We thank all of you for your everything. Indeed the day 31, December, 2014 was great with your program. Thank you Thai (two girl: supattra , Natcha June Kurupakorn and Best), Bangladeshi (Mr.Ali) and Indian (Himang and Aricena) friends. a new year celebration with you all shall remain deep in my heart as a gratitude. And of course the new year celebration witness during mid-night in Germany will in my heart.