Saturday, April 25, 2015

The very Fact behind the difference between meat and apple. Difference between meat and vegetable

They got their own reason for defending before they eat meat. They say many insects are being killed when we consume vegetable and therefore it is better to eat meat.
Now, let us look at example. Let us consider cow and cabbage. A cow eat grass to survive. A cow walk to have grass. Can we count how much a cow might have kill insect while eating grass and walking. It will be more than insects on the cabbage.
We also know the fact that a cow has parasite on its body. When a cow is kill, all parasite will die. It is unimaginable that how much insects are killing before cow reach in front of us as a meat.

When a cabbage is cut for consuming, it never say “ala or atsa (expressing pain)”. The fact behind is cabbage don’t have soul.
When a cow bring to slaughter house for killing, we notice the rolling tear from its eyes. A cow try to escape when it see other cows are killing. It is very clear with the rolling tears and trying to escape from killing scene that a cow has mind like human. A cow has fear like we human has when somebody threating to beat us. A cow feel the same pain like human do. We can’t even resist with minor pinch. We know how much minor pinch give us the pain. But can we imagine when someone want to kill us.  
We are Buddhist and believe in Buddhist teaching. Are you Buddhist and do you believe in teaching?  The great master of Buddhist said that all the animals are our parent once in previous life. Eating meat is like eating our parent’s meat. Respect our parents of present and previous parents as well. We tend to find tastier which has more negative effect. It is because of ignorance.

To non-Buddhist. Avoiding meat eating is not only with Buddhist followers but also non-Buddhist should do. Do you feel the pain when you hit by other or hit yourself mistakenly? Are you happy if you suffer? Are you happy when your parent are suffering? Are you happy if your friends are suffering? Will you happy when someone try to kill you? Do you have a fear of dying?
Based on above few questions, now we need to correlate with a cow which you take it as a beef. A cow has a pain when it get hit. A cow suffer with pain as we do. A cow fear of dying as we do. A cow feel unhappy as its friends are killing.
The simple reason for avoiding meat eating is just because of pain.
We human are the civilized animals on the earth. We human are cruel animals on the earth if we are taking animal’s life for the pleasure of our taste bud.

So, let never assume like vegetable has insects and better to eat meat. We can go on our way. Eat vegetables or meat. It is up to our choice but never influence other people with false information.
Respect our parent of three time, past, present and future.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Crazy man

A man arrive to the home
He enter to his room
He keep his things in his room
He come to setting room

He switch on the Television
Increase the volume to the fullest
Neither has he never looked what program on TV
Nor has he never listen what it was saying
Instead he is busy on his phone
A social media addicted man

Why he switch on the TV?
Why he increase the sound to the fullest?
Is he mad?
Is he crazy?
Never had he thought of disturbing to other by the TV sound

He pretend as looking to TV as someone pass by setting room
He suddenly stop texting message to his friend as someone pass by.
Please don’t pretend
I know you are crazy

I know you are crazy

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Minor sickness will become worse if you are far away from home.

The minor sick sadden me in other land.  I never bother for having Cough and cold sickness. What bother me is having mid fever and headache on top of cough and cold since three days ago.
I am experiencing as if my head is beaten by heavy metal and will blast at any time. It is too hot as if my head is keep on the oven. I miss my mother who always cool my head by wet cloth whenever I am headache. Day by day, I am knowing the value of mother more and more. Kadrinche ama.  

It is minor sickness. I kept sickness within myself. I didn’t share any of my parent and siblings. I know worrisome they will have if I share. I never want them to worry because of me. I had already given them worse worry back in 2005 because of my severe sickness.

I have persistent believe in my Root Teacher (Tsa wai lam) and Triple Gem (kenchosum). It is not I taking refuge only when I become sick. I always recite prayer when I sleep in the evening and get up in the morning. I had already taken refuge to Root Teacher (Tsa wai lam) and Triple Gem and I will be taking here after.

I offer my prayer to my Root Teacher (tsa wai lam) and Triple Gem (ken cho sum) daily are always answered. I am safe till now because of their prayer. I thank you my parents, Root teacher and Triple Gem.  

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Meat Processing Unit.

It was indeed very sad to read the news in kuensel dated 18th April, 2015 ("To 'meat' a huge demands") to come up with the solution of high demand of meat with setting up the processing unit in Bhutan. Setting up of processing unit means coming up of slaughter house. I won’t comment anything mention in the news for the reason for coming up and way they will be involved in slaughtering.
“We’ll make sure animals are slaughtered in a professional way, like stunning down, making the animal unconscious,” said Dr Tashi Samdup. “We have to consider how much we’re spending on the import of meat. We are targeting to get 100 percent food self-sufficiency.”
I don’t think killing animals with professional means is different than killing taking place in other country. In bottom line, both are killing and taking the precious life.

I am against the idea of setting up Processing Unit with following opinions:

First and foremost reason come in my mind, our country is the Buddhist Country. The country in which world knows because of her religious and traditions. Gross National Happiness, GNH is the philosophy based on Buddhist principles. Happiness is the core concept in GHN. If slaughtering house is setting up in Bhutan, it is impossible to say Happiness is existing. Taking the precious life of animals cannot be justified as Happiness exist.

Second, setting up our own meat Processing unit meant easily available meat in the market. Thinking critically, supply of meat is the area that we need to look into and take action. If there is no supply, people might quit. They might eat once in a month by buying from available market. If meat is abundant in the market, naturally there will be high demands. Setting up our own Meat Processing Unit mean more and new meat consumers are going to come. If government think, importing meat cause economy deficiency, why don't they come up with Meat Importing Regulation.

Third, our people should learn the disadvantages of eating meat. People need to change their notion like not eating meat will affect the healthiness of body. Meat has nothing to do with healthiness of our body. You will know more if you watch this clips. This is the video from Jangchubshing progrom of BBS2. It is about Buddhism and Vegetarianism. Click this link. Part 1. Jangchub Shing- Buddhism & Vegetarianism, Part 1  Part 2. Jangchub Shing- Buddhism & Vegetarianism, Part 2

It is very difficult to quit meat. I know how much you enjoy the taste of meat. I was once eating meat. I am now vegetarian. 
I have very simple reason for becoming vegetarian. I feel the pain and fear when somebody beat me. I sense, animals too will have same pain and fear as I do. Therefore, I don't want anyone be it animals or human being to hurt. I do believe what great Bodhisattva used to say. They say, no animals has not become our parents once in this revolving Samsara. I can’t imagine the pain and fear of my parents would have gone through just before come in front of me as meat curry.

I respect your taste bud. I respect your life. And my humble request, please let’s give happiness to our parents (animals) by minimizing the rate of eating meat and quitting one day.

Good luck for your try in minimizing the rate of eating meat and quitting one day.

Monday, April 20, 2015

I am already fallen

It was strange
Yet it already happened
It is hard to believe
It is hard to explain

You possess nothing special
Yet you stole my lonely heart
You didn’t say anything
Yet your rare spoken words was enough to captivate your heart

The more I think about you
The more I remember your soft words
And arising the great feeling towards you
And thought of confessing someday

Never surprise with my speedier feeling
It is my only true feelings
Arising all the way from the bottom of the heart
It is the feelings that my heart speaks

I know, I adore you
I also know, it’s too earlier to say you
I am sorry, I can’t hide the truth
Hope you will understand me

You mayn’t read what I wrote
I never expect you to read
I just express my feelings just to free myself

I am free now

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Future is now.

You are wild
With no tension of future
You enjoy every single days
You hardly think of future
It is the situation when you are in 1st year.
It is the situation when you are in 2nd year.
It is the situation when you are in 3rd year.

Future is now
You are in 4th year
On the verge of becoming engineer and what so ever
Rising tension over the mind is endless
A mind hunt over the job
A job to sustain your life
A job to help your parents

With no available job in the market
A frustration arise:
4 years for struggling the battle of every tests.
An Assignments, Presentations, practical, practical report, mini-project and major-project.
Tight schedule for 4 year
And a reward with nothing

But you can still survive
Little skill you have:
Skill of technologies and together with life skill
And your determination and enthusiasm
You can sustain your life.

You are never born to become engineer
You are only studying engineering
After all the circumstance determine your carriers
Never going to regret for your decision.
Decide now and prepare now.

Monday, April 13, 2015






written as per the instruction from my brother but its my feelings.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015







Writing for improving. Article doesn't reflect my personal emotion.