Sunday, June 21, 2015

One last week in Spain before I say goodbye

It was in the month of September, 2014 where the days were very long as if like a week but today (June) the days were too short as if like an hour. Why days were becoming different? It is because the time has come where I should leave Spain very soon.
My 10 months stay in Spain shaped my tough and rough life. Thank you Interweave project.

I attend last Pinxopoti (Pinxopoti: A piece of eatable things which give along with beer in bar) on Thursday, 18/6/2015. It was nice to meet all friends of Erasmus Mundus. I wish all my friend a happy life ahead. See you in near future.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Can Bhutan tackle the unemployment problem?

Thank you government for free education. Unlike other country we don’t need to pay for the education.

Every year, unemployment rate is increasing and people complain government need to change the education system in order to do away the mismatch of skill and job available.
On this point, I would like to express my opinions. It is easier said than done. We leave a critical comment “government need to change the education system in order to do away the mismatch of the skill gain and job available” but we forget to leave how and where need a changes.
I have answer for why there is no answer for how and where systems need to change.

First question come in my mind is do we have big companies like other countries? If yes, then definitely a big companies will absorb huge citizen whereby tackling unemployment problem to certain extend. The truth is Bhutan don’t have any big companies. The unemployment rate will go on increasing.

We blame government for educating wrong skill. I ask myself, which is right skill we need to study? Do we leave any suggestion to government?  If we say wrong skill, who send aboard for studying on self-finance on different course on their own? Do we blame government for that too?   

Now, coming to becoming Entrepreneur, do we have market? Do we take interest in that field? We hardly think about becoming Entrepreneur forget about trying. It is not easy to become Entrepreneur as it required many sacrifices and risk involve as many said.

Do we need to change in way of thinking? If all we want job in government by debating you study to become somebody in office then importing of salt to everything will go on eon to eon. That is really empty opinion frequently strike to my mind.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Asia to Europe.

It was neither my dream of visiting nor I like to visit the historical places yet the circumstances reached me to the historical places.

My first stop is in Brussels, the capital of Belgium.
On day 2, we meet with Prime Minister of Bhutan. It was satisfying moment after meeting PM and listening talks at Friendship Meeting with friends of Bhutan.

Remaining day 3 to day 10 about the visit of Amsterdam and Paris will update soon.

With PM of Bhutan

Bhutanese in Europe, pose with PM

Bazarguru Rinpoche coming all the way from Paris to visit PM