Sunday, September 27, 2015

Four-time Ballon d'Or injured.

I know you will return soon with very strong and mighty. I am waiting for your return soon. I won’t watch Barcelona match instead I will pray for your recovery. 
I was extremely sad to learn that Barcelona and Argentina star Lionel Messi was seriously injured on Saturday laliga league match against Las Palmas. Because of his torn knee ligament it was confirm that he will miss 7-8 weeks, which mean almost 2 months according to twitter tweeted by club. It was indeed a huge loss to Barcelona without star forward Lionel Messi for at least 2 months. Missing 2 months will force Messi to miss the El-Clasico, the biggest match of Laliga league which fall on end of the November, 2015.

I can’t do anything to help you to recover soon but I have for you is the deepest prayer from my bottom of heart for sooner recovery. May god know the argent need of you at Barcelona and blessed you for sooner recovery. May the prayers of your millions fans of globe will help you to recover soon. 

Friday, September 25, 2015

One last Welcome Picnic at College of Science and Technology

Twelve of September two thousand and fifteen (12/9/2015) a welcome picnic was organized by second year students dedicating to the first year students. The picnic venue wasn’t at same location as before. This time, it was at extreme end of Pasakha, beyond the Industrials estate. However the venue was perfect compare to before.

I enjoyed more. The enjoyment was beyond my expectation. Thank you organizers.

Welcome speech on Fete day

Kuzu zangpo

Respected honorable guests, director, staffs and my dear friends.

Today coinciding with college foundation day, the club NDLD (Nyedrom Dang Lokzey dekhang), the Radio Club of CST is hosting the fete day. This has been doing since 2012 on this particular day. Today I would like to thank senior members (outgoing members) of NDLD for making new culture. The main objective behind in organizing fete day is to support our club in term of financial for purchasing radio equipment.

I assure you that you will enjoy the day with host of fete day. You will end up your day with full joy and happiness playing around fete matter. You can play as well as eat upon your wish. So, I on behalf of host, NDLD would like to welcome each one of you to the event.  Have a good and enjoyable day.


Well come speech on Fashion show, CST

                                    Well come speech
This is Jigme Zangpo, 4ECE wishing you A very warm good evening and kuzungzangpo.
Respected Director, Deans, lecturers and my dear friends.

It is my great pleasure to welcome you all to the CST Fashion show for winter semester 2015.  
The Fashion show is organized by NDLD, Neydrom Dang Lokzey Dekhang. The main objectives behind for organizing is to raise fund for NDLD and of course the entertainment and to offer platform to talented students.
The very theme of CST fashion show, 2015 is on waste management.
There is a need for a complete rethinking of waste, to analyses if waste is indeed waste. A rethinking that calls for
                               WASTE to become WEALTH
                                REFUSE to become RESOURCE
                                TRASH to become CASH

Fashion has become a large part of identity making in the post-human world in which people play dress-up with their clothing. We care about what we wear a great deal because our culture emphasizes an outward appearance. Fashion changes every season, squeezing our wallets

You may not be chasing fashion but you can't be indifferent because fashion is inherent in our culture and people are always impressed by those who know the taste of trendiest trends. Our appearance depends on what we are wrapped in; fashion is about our social status, success, individualism, and good taste.

We like clothes that wear well. We dream of clothes that impress. We desire clothes that make us aggressively gorgeous
Finally, I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to the family of CST for their efforts in putting together to this event.  I would also like to wish you all an enjoyable and productive Fashion show.  

P.S Thank you google for help.

Monday, September 14, 2015

The dark side of love and Will she be mine?

 Sitting on the balcony and thinking endlessly about the only lady after I felt on her was my daily schedule. Will she be mine one day? Will she understand my feelings? The questions aroused in my mind. I want to let her know about my affection. My affection to her is not just simply for pleasure but to value the real meaning of love. What if you think beyond what human think and know what another person think about. I am certain that you will amaze to know what I think for you. The very good intention for offering my affection and running after you despite you try to neglect. Oh! My triple gem and a root teacher, could you please let her know my true feelings. I love her truly.

After more than a month, I got a day where I was extremely happy for 1000 reasons. Thank you for your time and understanding. As I heard your sweat voice over the phone call it gave me an immense pleasure and happiness. Thank you.

Your fine pretty is just enough to steal my little heart. I admire your beauty and everything. As I love you unconditionally despite you don’t value it, I sometime think is that something to do with fate. Yeah, I do believe in fate. I am sorry if you don’t believe in fate.

There will be many good-looking guys or a wealthiest guys who will love you but remember I will be the one who will love you till my last breath despite of any tough circumstances.

I got many thing to write but due to limited vocabulary it is very difficult express what I actually think. I would happy if you could listen my feelings face to face one day.

Thank you for your time. Do you have any words? Hope to hear from you soon. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

15 down to nothing in Doha stadium.

The final score line read 15:0 in favor of Qatar against Bhutan. Is that really mean 15 down to nothing? I considered 15 mistakes learned for new start. The number of goals never bother me as our Dragon boys working hard and maintaining the same game spirits till the end whistle. Thump up boys.

I was shock with score. That wasn’t my prediction. I knew Bhutan would loss but with 6 or 7 goals.

I watch Premier league (England), Laliga (Spain) and few top teams of Europe countries’ club. What I observed from those top club play is they play bit defensive while they are playing away games. Did Bhutan play defensive in away game and knowing opponent is too strong for us?

Bhutan haven’t reach high as even other Asian countries’ national team in football but our coach consider our team as high. The lineup he used and tactic he used is more than adequate to judge him as bad coach. Our team cannot effort to play as other countries team. Our play should be defensive.

15 goals is the 15 mistakes that the coach made.  

The TERM TEST I is over yet TERM TEST II in line.

Radio Frequency Band and Designation writing under process
Courtesy: Gom Dorji, Lecturer.
The life goes on so fast but busy at engineering college. Just more than a month after reporting, there comes a TERM TEST I. A semester is too short with tight schedule. I just had TERM TEST I on 1st to 3rd September, 2015. A month later, TERM TEST II will come despite of having a lot of assignments, final year project topic review and writing a final document of technical seminar in between. Again a month later there comes End semester Exam. And finally a 7th semester come to the end. A question arise in my mind, will I step up to 8th semester? Just simple to step up to next semester, pass all the modules. I am struggling to do that and I will do that.

The more relevant is grade I score. Will the grade of mine be fair, good or excellent? It is hard to have excellent but I will aim to have my grade with excellent rating.