Sunday, February 28, 2016

Nothing is in my heart but you.

The roaring sky with heavy rain of summer 2014 just can’t faded away from my heart. It is not because of the weather but the meeting of her.  I am waiting for similar incident indeed the permanent incident that last throughout my life.
She understood my feeling towards her yet she never want to pleased me. Still I am optimistic. She may say she has her favorite but I still believe I have a right to admire her.

The world itself is sarcasm. And people are. My intended feeling is never reached to intended people. If my intended feeling is understand by intended people, I am sure she will shock to know and she will pleased my feelings. But god has never create to understand my feeling by her. If by chance she understand my feeling towards her, she will realize I am the one and only guy that is caring her and will care her throughout her life.

The more and more I chat with her, and more and more I think of her, the affectionate to her is swelling like a summer river. The threshold point has already reached. The threshold point of can’t stop thinking about her.

There is one simple reason for loving her, to spend my life with her despite any tragedy. It give me immense pleasure and joy if I am chatting with her. She is simply amazing.

I love you for eternity. Please understand my love and feelings. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hard to write a piece of note.

I actually want to write whatever come in my mind daily. I take excuses like unavailability of internet access and constraint time. I only realize I was under control of laziness, perhabs the true laziness. I got to write about the trip to Para Taktsang and Chumbu Nye (Flying Buddha). I had an experiences which I never expected from those trip and which will surprise you. I am yet to write within a week about that. Until then I wish a wonderful week days after 3 days holiday and bye bye for now.