Monday, October 17, 2016

Growing and decaying & birth and death.

A beautiful flower has good fragrance and everyone love the smile. Even a bees come to have a nectar. Sadly flower will decay soon. Beauty is victim of vanishing.
You are born on the earth. Your parent were rejoiced while you were born. Will you let the world to rejoice when you leave the world?

You might have many memories of childhood days. You might be handsome and pretty among others. You may be intelligent among the friends. You may be richer. You may be stronger and dominating the friends with your strength. You may be having handsome husband and pretty wife. You may have cute son or daughter. You may have loving friends. You have even possesses all the desire things. But only question is can we stay till earth disappear. Every day is new beginning and becoming older. Did you realize you are not becoming older but coming closer to death?

We are coming closer to death day by day. What we are doing then? Are we piling the stone for building the house? Thinking about all those stuff, nothing seems to be meaningful in life rather than humanity. I shall mindful for my action. My action shouldn’t harm other. My speech shouldn’t hurt other. My thought shouldn’t be bad about other.  

Stages of life and sorrow of stage four to parents.

Stage one
Thank you mother for giving birth for us. You have suffered a lot for giving birth for us. Thank you father and mother for caring dearly. We were innocent at early age. It was the stage where we don’t know what is good and bad. We did what nonsense. It was childhood days we spent our days and night with father, mother and siblings. We fought each other, we played together and we ate together. I have a good memories of childhood days with my siblings. Going school together with siblings and coming back to home for lunch. We know how much father and mother work hard for us. Thank you sister for helping father and mother. We will never forget you as our second parent. Thank you ana.

Stage two
This is the stage where we are in secondary school. Parent sweat a lot for us. They work tirelessly and save for us. They gave new clothes to us. They never think of buying new for them rather than wearing a torn clothes thinking we would be shy in front of friends. Thank you apa, ama and sister. We have in our mind about your good deed to us. We love you apa, ama and ana.

Stage three
This is the stage where we are in college. It is the stage where we are about to earn after completing the college. Parent have great expectation because they have suffered many years for us. Finally we completed the college and story of stage four is different.

Stage four.
We are now independent. Parent need our help. Am I helping them? It is sad to learn that aged parent are still suffering when their sibling are independent. We are sorry, we are still unable to help you. It is indeed a great shame to sibling like us.
To my friend, please help your parents. They are god for us. They are everything for us.

Finally but not the least, my only prayer is may my apa and ama have a healthy health and happy always. I will lend my helping hand soon. And may all the parents on earth be happy and have a lending help from their sons and daughters. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Count down to stay on earth.

I was sick. I went to visit doctor. She advised me to take medicine for a week. I took medicine. A week has gone by, still my condition was same. I was getting worse instead of pleasing.
I went again to visit the same doctor. She now asked me to take X-Ray and blood test. She said I should came two days later to collect the result. I went after two days. She said result was not yet ready. She said it will take three more days to complete the examination of your blood samples. I had a confusion about the result. Why it is taking too long?
I didn’t get result even after three days. That gave me a big confusion. She is not able to tell about my sickness. I thought my sickness could be incurable.
It was 14th October, 1990 after a week my blood sample was taken, I got a called from doctor saying to meet her at 2 pm at her chamber. I went with heavy heart. I seated as she offer the seat. She was nervous to talk about my result. I knew there is something which can’t be told.  I tried to stay strong and asked her to tell me truthfully. She confessed that I was diagnosed with blood cancer.
My world is coming to end soon. It is counting down. I knew I will die today or tomorrow. But I believed Buddha will come in the form of Healing Buddha to rescue me. As I took the medicine, I prayed to Medicine Buddha and healing Buddha for the miracles. My parent were supportive and I prayed always to Buddha.

Today, it is 14th October, 2016, 26 anniversary of my Blood cancer. I am still alive owing to blessing of Buddha and my root teacher. I shall remain committed to Buddha, Dharma and Sanga. Never give up the life easily. Sometime miracle happen. Enjoy your life.

Om Ah Hung Bazer Guru Pad Ma Shi Dhi Hung.

Disclaimer: The story is fiction. 


May you bless all scientist being

your windows license will expire soon

I had a problem of Windows (8.1) saying your windows license will expire soon again and again. It is disturbing one. I don’t remembered where I pressed.
Anyway to solve that problem you need to do following things.
Open the Task Manager. To open the Task Manager Hold down the ctrl and alt keys and press delete.
Select Task Manager.

Select the Windows Explorer, then right click on it and select Restart.
 When the process has restarted, close Task Manager, then right click the Start Menu icon, select Command Prompt (Admin). In order to open Command Prompt in administrator.
  1. Click Start, click All Programs, and then click Accessories.
  2. Right-click Command prompt, and then click Run as administrator.
  3. If the User Account Control dialog box appears, confirm that the action it displays is what you want, and then click Continue.
Enter the following command and hit enter ( Note that there is a space between slmgr and -rearm )
slmgr -rearm

Restart the computer.

Monday, October 10, 2016


I tried to write Dzongkha ballad but things are not easy. I can’t write one good paragraph. I realize no Dzongkha lesson for long time and no constant touch in Dzongkha were the factor for deteriorating my good writing in Dzongkha. I need to improve my Dzongkha writing. I will try to write Dzongkha articles and read Dzongkha for own benefit. I like to write Dzongkha article.

What is your suggestion for the improvement? I can’t find any books online in Dzongkha. That is the problem for me. If materials are available, I can practice and even many friends will practice Dzongkha.  

Friday, October 7, 2016

What are we doing?

I wonder what are we doing in this transient period of life? I wonder what are we making? I wonder why are we working so hard? I wonder why are we saving? I wonder why are we greedy? I wonder why are we possessive? I wonder why are  we hating? I wonder will go further beyond the earth if I don't stop here. Now, it is the time, I give a time for realization why I wonder and what are the partial answer for I wondering.

Yes, I agree life is short but people will do what they like. Why should I bother if their work never bother me.

Are they making something for their own but for how long they are intending to make the thing?  Till the world exist? But we can't stay till the world exist. I know they work hard for survival. It make sense if it is so. But working for saving make no sense if they save for till world exist. Because we are not going to live till world exist.

We have got a limited time to stay in this beautiful world but do we have time for hating? When we believe all animals were once our parents and people are indirectly our parent because we are living within this samsaric world, why we hate each other. Instead a genuine love should be existed.

If you read above, why don't you recite Vajra Guru Mantra at least 100 times as it has immeasurable and vast benefit in this life and next life. We know everything is impermanence.  The high profile you earned shall be ended one day. The huge amount you gathered shall be left behind when you leave this world. You have only GURU PADMASABAWA who will save you because you have recited Vajra Guru Mantra. Om Ah Hung BaZar Guru Pad Ma Shi Dhi Hung.

How to remove Google Photos from your Phone Gallery

It is annoying that photos fro the google account is displaying on phone gallery. It makes the phone slow because of the huge number of photos from google account occupying the phone space. In order to delete the photos from phone gallery, follow the below steps.

Go to setting. Then to the Account. Then to "google" as show below.

Then Click on Google and unchecked "Sync Google Photos and Sync Picasa Web Albums" as show below.

Once you have completed with above, close and go to Application manager.
Go to ALL and find Gallery. You should Clear the data and clear cache. And finally Force to Stop the Gallery as show below.

Now go and check your photo gallery. Is there any photos from google. No, there won't be any photos.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Silent is best answer for everything.


The time demand the silent. Silent is smile and happiness. Many people will agree that silent is the best answer for anything. Sometime silent will not solve the problem.

Karma need little more patient. He gave up easily. He really need to build up the patient. Patient is good for relation with friends. I quote “Speak patiently and politely” I unquote. I remember my mother advised me with that statement in 2014. I still remembered her valuable words. Thank you ama la for your words. I always try to replica your deed where no one is hurt because of my deed.

I prefer to follow silent strategy but my mind say NO rather my mind asked to follow above quote.

Why I quit blogging ?
I write anything what comes in my mind. I don’t care how good grammar of my articles are. I need to reflect on white paper what I actually think.
Writing an article is one task. Of course, I like writing as to improve writing and language. And after writing I need to upload in blog website. It required a strong internet connection otherwise uploading article is impossible and it take a lot of time. The only reason I blog is to keep it as my diary. It will bring a huge smile and at the same time fun as well when I visit at 60. My blog will take me to my college days and all the stage of my life.
Now the user friendly social media like facebook is easier to do anything. Update your status and many more.

I was trying to go for easier one but I feel that blogging would be still best option for me. So, I am deciding to return to blogging.