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Nge Michu, Chapter 13

Scribbling down the answers to a few questions, Dorji checks the wall clock stuck above the green board. One exam invigilator stands at the door and other sits down on a chair in the front. Looking around the room, on seeing other students writing answers, he holds the pen tightly and try to write but nothing comes to his mind other than Tshoki. After listening to his parents this morning about Tshoki, he rushed to the exam hall fifteen minutes late. It has been an hour writing but he has not even completed two questions. As the clock ticks fifteen minutes past 10, he raises his arm. The invigilator in the front walks towards him
“I am done, sir.”
He says in a respectful manner and waits for the invigilator to respond, who picks up his paper and keeps flipping through his answer sheet.
“You can leave.”
Picking up his geometry box, he rushes outside when the invigilator stops him on the midway to the door, “Hey!”
He stops immediately and turns his head slowly when the invigilator bends down under his table and stands up picking up his admit card. Going to him, he gets the card and rushes back. Once outside, picking up the bag from the window sill, he rushes up to the road and waits for the taxi plying to the town.
Waving his hand, stopping a taxi, he jumps inside next to an old woman and a beautiful girl sits next to her.
Looking at him carefully, the old woman asks, “No school today?”
Forcing a smile, showing his white teeth, he says, “I had exam.”
The girl next to her looks at him, as if she has seen something on his face.
“Oh, good boy. Study hard and be a great person in the future,” says the woman, when the driver from the front interrupts, “Now the world is so competitive. Even the graduates are not getting job.”
Listening to the conversations of the driver and old woman, finally he is in the town. Getting out of the taxi, taking another taxi, he heads to Olakha, thinking that Tshoki is still at home. Knocking the door, he waits. He is not sure how to face her. He was to think about facing her in the taxi but the driver and woman, kept distracting him and the girl kept looking at him.
Looking very sad, Tshoki opens the door and says, “Done with exam?”
Getting inside the room, walking slowly towards the sofa, he sits down when Tshoki closes the door and stands there only.
“Tshoki, please come here. I want to say something.”
Calling Tshoki, he waits for her to walk towards him but she stands still. Standing up, walking towards her, he stands in front of her. Looking deep into her eyes, he says, “I am here to say goodbye. I am sorry, I didn’t know you were married to Khandu. By the way, he is my uncle.”
Taking the new phone in his hand, Khandu walks out of the bedroom angrily. As he steps into the sitting room, her mother stops him, “Khandu, you are still here? No office today?”
Without saying a word, he gives her a stare and walks out of the room, when her mother looks at Yangchen, “What has happened to Khandu, unlike before he is acting weird these days?”
Going next to her, Yangchen takes the child on her lap, “Umm, he is stressed these days because of the tight schedules. Don’t worry, he is just tensed.”
As she sits down breastfeeding the child, Yuden rushes towards her, “Mom, are we going for movie tonight?”
“Nope, Princess. Next time.”
As she opens her mouth to respond her, a sudden knock at the door silences the room for a while. Yuden stands up and rushes to the door. Pulling back the door, she stands at the door.
“Yuden, who is it?”
Holding a small box in her hand, she walks back to her when Tencho appears from the door. As he approaches them, her mother smiles and welcomes him.
“Oh, please, sit here.”
Not believing his sudden appearance, Yangchen looks at him suspiciously.
Sitting down on the sofa, he looks at her mother and says, “I heard, you two are leaving tomorrow. So, being Khandu’s friend I came here to meet you before you leave.”
Smiling broadly, her mother says, “Oh! Some important things have popped up back at village.”
Her father does not say a word but keeps watching a movie on the TV, meanwhile Yuden unwraps the box and begins to munch the cake. Taking the child from her lap, her mother says, “Make tea for Tencho sir.”
Giving the child, she stands up when Tencho says, “Hmmm, winter is coming so I bought a coat each for you two.”
Tencho takes out the coats packed in the plastics and hands them to her mother, when she accepts it happily. In the meantime, Yangchen stands up terrified by this. She walks directly to the kitchen as her mother tears the plastic and takes out the new coat.
Getting inside the kitchen, she pours hot water from the boiler into the pot, when Tencho stands at the door suddenly.
“What are you doing here?”
She shouts, controlling her anger, when he smiles and says, “I am very sorry about the way Khandu is treating you these days. I hope, things will get better soon. As a matter of fact, you don’t deserve to be treated this way.”
Listening to his words, she lights the gas stove and boils the water in the pot. Looking back at him, Yangchen says, “You know and understand my situation but why are you here? If Khandu becomes suspicious about this, you are going to make my situation worse. Please, stop coming here when Khandu is not here.”
“Oh! I cannot bear the pain, you are in,” says Tencho, walking towards her.
Standing in front of her, looking deep into her eyes, he says, “Beautiful woman like you don’t deserve such a painful treatment. You know that, right?”
She stands silently, taking deep breaths.
“Did you find the phone?”
He asks, when Yangchen walks away from him and says, “What phone?”
“Last time, when I came here I kept a new phone in your cupboard.”

Story by: Phurpa Dorji (PJIKKS)
Chapter 14 Tomorrow @9PM

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Failing one point is not the end of life

Failure is the way of life. Failures are often quoted as pillars of success . If you feel low just because of failing one point think deeply. There are many proverbs, stories and histories about failures used to inspire those who have failed in one way or another. Success comes to your way if you willing to fix our mistakes rather than getting things right for the first time.  It will be true to call every winner as a failure because a winner must have tasted the sweetness of failure. Every failure is not a winner, but every winner is the output of several failed experiences that have had helped them in stepping towards later success.
Failure should be taken as an experience or lesson rather than failure itself. Failure is not an option but the inevitable way towards success. Failure is an experience or lesson which drives a person to their success until they will not give up. Many great teachers teach us how to achieve success but remember success is neither a cup of tea nor a piece of cake. Success is something many describe as an achievement. However, we trend to give up easily and never try again for the second time.  We have to taste the experience of failing. It’s impossible to taste success in life without experiencing some kind of failure. It’s a part of life.

Nge Michu, Chapter 11

No matter how much Khandu asks her by showing different degree of anger, Tshoki does not speak a word as if she has become dumb. Not knowing what to do, Khandu stands up and looks at Tshoki, who stands in front of him wearing an innocent face. He cannot force her to speak by beating as he is worried what if she blackmails him again.
“Tshoki, just tell me the truth?”
He requests going in front of her but she is silent. Getting mad by her silence, he shouts, “I am going now. If you want to tell me, just text me.”
Banging the door, he walks out. Getting inside the car, he calls Tencho immediately. But he is not responding the call. Driving for a few minutes, he says to himself, “What am I doing?”
Before heading back to Motithang, driving through the town, he parks in front of a restaurant and gets inside while his phone rings from the car. Going back to the car, he gets the phone.
“Tencho, come to Deki Restaurant.”
Getting inside the restaurant, sitting at a table, he waits for Tencho. Placing coffee on the table, a beautiful waitress asks, “Anything, sir?”
“Umm, chicken fried rice.”
As she walks away from the table, he looks at her back, taking him back to the moment when he met Tshoki for the first time. It was then in mid-May, one evening, he was driving towards Taba, when he saw a girl in school dress, sitting at the Indian House junction in Langjuphakha, drenched in the heavy rain. There were many taxis speeding in front of his car but she did not stop them. Thinking that she had no money to pay taxi fare, he stopped his car in front of her. Lowering the window glass, he asked, “Waiting for someone? Get inside, rain is heavy.”
Surprised by that, looking at him thoughtfully for a while, Tshoki said, “It’s okay. I am waiting for the city bus.”
“Please, get in. You will fall sick.”
Since that evening, he always travelled to Taba picking up Tshoki from that junction. Days after days, weeks after weeks, then he fell for her and proposed her one evening, while she said, “I will think it over.”
The next day, she said, “Okay.”
“Oh, Tencho?”
Dressed in gho, the smell of perfume circling round his body, Tencho sits down on a chair opposite to him. The waitress walks to the table with the fried rice, when Tencho asks him, “What’s the emergency?”
Wearing a beautiful smile and innocence glowing from her cheek, the waitress keeps the plate on the table, meanwhile Tencho says, “Coffee for me, please!”
He says in a teasing tone. Taking the plate, observing the rice carefully, Khandu says, “I am in trouble.”
Telling Tencho everything about Tshoki and Dorji, he takes a spoonful of rice into in his mouth, when Tencho speaks softly, “Just leave her.”
Munching the rice, he takes a sip from the cup and raises his eyebrows at Tencho, “She still has the footage. She will blackmail me again. What if she tells Yangchen?”
“Didn’t you delete the footage when she was asleep?”
“Her phone is coded. I don’t know the password,” says Khandu, looking desperate for the ideas.
“Don’t worry, I will help you with that.”
“I will let you know.”
At the same time, at Motithang, Yangchen keeps the plates into the wash basin gently after the breakfast. Going to the rice cooker, she keeps the light on thinking that Khandu will be back for breakfast. Walking back to the sitting room, looking at her mother, she says, “Ama, can you keep the child on the bed and help Yuden to wear kira?”
Holding the child in her arms, her mother stands up, when Yuden shouts from the bedroom, “Ama, where is my kera?”
“Angay is coming to help you,” replies Yangchen and walks towards the bathroom. Pushing the door gently, she says, “Apa, let me help with your back.”
Taking a jug, she fills it up with water and pours it down on her father’s back. Rubbing his back with a scrub, she pours water. Having finished washing his head, her father walks out back to the sitting room when the doorbell rings. Closing the tap, she gets out and goes directly to the door with water dripping on the floor from her wet hands. Catching the door knob, she pulls the door gently when a woman, unknown to her, stands at the door wearing a lost expression.
She greets her, “Hi, how can I help you?”
The woman looks hesitant and looking at other doors, she asks, “Is this Khandu’s quarter?”
“Yes, it’s.”
As the woman mentions Khandu’s name, thinking that she is known to Khandu, Yangchen says, “Please, come in.”
The woman waits for a while and then she walks inside. Sitting down on the sofa, the woman observes the room carefully, making a suspicious face and finally, she says, “I am here to seek help from you and your husband. Is he here?”
“Umm, he is not here. Please, tell me.”
“I am Tshoki’s sister.”
Story by: Phurpa Dorji (PJIKKS)
Chapter 12 Tomorrow @9PM