THOUGHT OF JIGME ZANGPO: Fake reincarnation

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Fake reincarnation

May this story bring you a smile.
Reincarnation is belief in Buddhism. It is believe that people who did a good deed will reward a life again so called reincarnation. Many lama come back to the world for the sentient being as a reincarnation.

Once upon a time there live a man. He was rich in that society. He has done many good things when he was alive.  He passed away at 60s.

After few years there was a boy who claimed to be his reincarnation. The boy was 2 and half year. The mother of boy taught everything to boy. Like what man did in his previous life. What man possessed. Mother taught her son because boy is going to faced a oral interview by man's family to confirm as their late father.

The day was fixed where man's family will have a interview with little boy. As relative of late man asked a boy many question and a boy answered correctly. As questions goes on, the time has reached where little boy has nothing in his mind. Nothing remained in his mind. Everything was told which his mother had taught.

Son of late man asked. My dear father which is your cup that you used when you were my father in previous life? To their surprise he answered "my mother teach me only this much".