THOUGHT OF JIGME ZANGPO: Loponla, chapter 9

Monday, November 13, 2017

Loponla, chapter 9

Picking up my mobile phone from the table, I get out of the staffroom as the school sweeper stands at the door with a bunch of keys in her hand. It’s time for her to lock the room. Greeting at her, I walk down the staircase listening to the whistle blowing from the football ground a few meters away from the administrative building.  Thinking about Tenzin, I walk towards the ground, when I see Kado, the school coach standing in the middle of the ground with a whistle stuck inside his mouth. Wearing yellow coloured jersey are the school A team and red ones are the Team B.

Looking at the players, keeping the ball at the center mark, Kado whistles as I try to locate Tenzin in field. Finally, wearing a jersey number 7, he stands among the players, waiting for the friends to pass him the ball. Nima told me that he is good in dribbling but I see him standing idle while other players play actively. As I observe him carefully, Nima stands beside me suddenly.

“Yes bro?”

“Sir, Dargay and Yethro are fighting?”

He says taking long breaths, as if he has come running to inform me about that.


I ask him, when he looks at me, “In the classroom.”


Surprised by this, I follow Nima as he leads me towards one of the classrooms. Pushing the door in, he walks in when I see Deki sitting on a chair with a book. I don’t see Dargay and Yethro. As I walk in, I find them standing at the corner of the classroom shouting at each other. On seeing me, they go silent and step away from each other. Looking at Dargay, I ask, “What’s going on in here?”

Lowering his head down, he does not say a word when Yethro says, “Sir, look at him. How can he be an actor when he even does not know how to take care of his hair?”

Then Dargay gets angry and shouts, “What about you? Only beauty does not work. You need acting skills.”

Looking at me Yethro says, “Sir, he cannot even dance well. I have seen him dancing in last year’s concert.”

“What? You are even worse than me,” shouts Dargay, walking away from her as I stand silently.

“Calm down. Please.”

Finally, I say as Yethro drags a chair and sits down staring at Dargay.

“Don’t worry about acting skills and dancing. Just focus on story just now.”

I say looking at both of them, when Deki, the writer stays silently.

“So, Deki write something related to high school students, so that our film will not be a flop.”

She nods, when Dargay says, “Can we change the actress sir?”

“No, I cannot. Yethro will be the actress. Let’s talk about this tomorrow. I have to go and support Tenzin.”

Saying this, I walk out when Dargay and Nima follow me. As we walk towards the ground, I remember Wangmo talking about Delkar being a good dancer yesterday in the canteen. Taking a glance of the library, I stop, “You two go there. I have some work in the library.”

Nima and Dargay walk towards the ground when I head towards the library, expecting it to be opened. Fortunately, it’s. Taking gentle steps, I approach the door expecting Wangmo as she is frank and I can make her to talk to Delkar. As I step inside, the room looks empty.


There comes no response from the inside. Did somebody forget to close the door? But my instinct says that someone has to be inside. Taking step by step, ears tuned to any noise, I walk towards the book shelves across the room. Crossing one book shelf, I am about to reach the other, when I encounter Delkar standing up, taking a book off the shelf. On seeing me, she gets startled and drops the book on the floor.

I bend and pick up the book when she stands astonished, not blinking her eyes.

“I am sorry.”

Taking earphone off her ears, she stands silently.

Going to her table, I talk about my coaching thing to her and finally, listening to my words, she agrees to help Dargay and Yethro with dancing. Thanking her, I walk outside, as I hear whistle blowing from the ground.

Going to the bench where the players rest, I wait. As expected, coach Kado blows the whistle for the first half. As the players come towards the bench, I wait for the coach. As he nears me, I ask him, “How is he doing?”

Shaking his head, making a sad face he says, “Not good.”

Going to the bench, I call Tenzin. Looking tired, dress covered with dirt, he walks towards me. Making a serious face, I look at him, “Tenzin, what is your position in the field?”

“Striker, sir.”

“What’s your jersey number?”

“Seven, sir.”

As he stands in front of me, keeping his head down, I ask him, “Then, what should I do to fulfil your dream?”

He stays silently without saying a word.

“Tenzin, I know you can do it. I know that. Show me the footballer that is hiding inside you.”

“Okay, sir.”

Soon, the coach blows whistle, as Tenzin walks away from me as I stand expecting something from him in the second half.

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