Thursday, February 9, 2017

Migrating from Blogger to Wordpress

I found the interface of wordpress more interesting than blogger. I have imported my blogger posts to wordpress.
Thank you for allowing me to update my activities from 2012 until 2017. It was an amazing journey updating in blogger.  I am looking forward to update in wordpress. 
I invite my followers of blogger to the wordpress. My new URL will be

Thank you

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Women and men.

Women has equal right like any other boys or men. We make mistake by thinking they are onlywomen and not men. I am from Bhutan and I saw many educated men misunderstood women as simply women. Forget about other men who has no education when educated men treat a girl or women in negative manner. I said simply women and treat in negative manner. The real meaning for predecessor sentence is that the mind of men are still in male dominant society and treat women as not human. Even an educated women are still has a mindset they are inferior to the men. Indeed they are wrong.

I have seen many men who try to humiliate women. Who they think they are superior to women. Many will think women are dependent to men but which actually is not. Women has equal opportunities like men and can become independent like men. If you are reading this, never have a thought of you are women and have to depend on men.

I have seen a women who try to dominate men. Who try to keep under her comment. Who always let men to dance to the tune of her song. She is actually wrong to do that.

There are men who has no work but only to disturb the peaceful mind of women. Women mind are so soft which can be soften by soft words from imprudent men. Those men think they come to world as a king to the women. And there are women who think men as a king. There need to change a mindset for both men and women.

I have seen many women who are stronger than a men. Stroger than men in thinking. And they are not the women like third paragraph of the article. They have independent mind. They will never get spoiled in the hand of imprudent men.

Dear men and women.

Act like a human. Act like a living being. And respect to all human being. Don’t forget to respect all living being, our parents or friends (animals).