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Friday, March 28, 2014

Something that really no one else gone through.

What should I do when I encounter something that really no one else has gone through, which I can’t handle?
What should I think when I went through something that really no one else gone through? 
Shall I understand my emotion when really no one else can understand my emotion?
Shall I act blind when people around me doing nonsense?
Shall I act deaf when people near me letting to hurt someone?

What should I say when someone say something that really no one else has hear it?
Shall I believe someone a trustworthy when I can’t trust myself?
Shall I analyze before I believe?

Shall I insist aid from experience people around me?

Sunday, March 9, 2014


༉       ཐོབ་པ་དཀའ་བའི་དལ་འབྱོར་   མི༌ལུས༌འདིན།
          ཕོ༌མོ༌ཡོངས༌ཀྱི༌  ཐོབ༌ལས༌བསྐལ༌བ༌བཟང།
          འཕྲོ༌ལོ༌མ༌བཏང༌མི༌ལུས༌ དོན༌ཡོད༌བཟོ།
          དམ༌ཆོས༌དྲན༌ཏེ༌ མི༌ལུས༌དོན༌ཡོད༌བཟོ།

          སྐྱེ༌བའི༌ཐ༌མ༌ཤི༌ནི༌ ཐེ༌ཚོམ༌མེད།
          སྡོད༌པའི༌རིང༌ལུ༌  དགེ༌བ༌བཅུ༌དང༌གཞན།


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Time varying, world varying.


Expecting people to be same as olden days. But you are making mistake to expect as time varying, world varying. The society along with fragile couple can be seen everywhere. To witness the change of season with beautiful scene change is very wonderful but witnessing couple getting separate within short period after everything done is very disheartening. Society where we live has now become society which is very peculiar. It is astonishing moment to witness a young and fragile boys and girls who are only 14 – 16 indulging in affairs. And sexually transmitted diseases are alarming issues mainly due to all those things.  

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Road of my life.

Road of my life were always difficult to pass by.
 I sometime encountered with some night without sleep, when I reflect the road of my life.
 Road has been always a rough one. 
With a determination and hardship I put, I could at least reach the parking I leaded today.
 I have still extra miles to cross the road.

The difficulties; effort to the expenditure of my needs was purely a problem as there is no one behind me to support. 
My father and mother earn nothing. 
They are simple farmer but they did it. 
They let me to stand similar as other people stand. 
The sweat they sweat for me shall never to be forgotten. 
I will always let their hardship to go in no vain.  

Saturday, November 30, 2013

We are equal.

We the human being are born to do merit task in order to make a society a harmony to live in. Never should we surprise, when people differentiate between human being and human being in terms of anything. We differentiate out of ignorance and not knowing the value of human life. Most probably the one who know the value for human being will one who suffer a lot. Learned man are always expected to be humbled in everything. Is that happening in a real life? Without making a comment for question, I would like to share what we are going to do in rest of our life.
Is a wealth important? Yes certainly because it add a comfort to human life. Now, my question is how people without wealth (poor) are adjusting to be happy? Without any doubt anyone will say they always suffer and happiness to them is out of question.
If we are in position to help the needy one, it’s a merit task. We help the needy one in our best possible way. In return we are award with best and good fortune in this life and will be certainly good for next life. A school going children with disadvantages families should help if we can. With your limited salary, help in making a suffering child happy. For your good deed, you will always be blessed.

My only hope from myself is to let needy one get help from me when I am at least capable from them.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Blogging seems to be suspended.

After a few days I will be reaching my home for vacation. Now, my worry is, will I access to internet to update my event of life in my blog?
I blog frequently. I write stuff that come in my mind. I have no mind of being popular among the bloggers but my intention of blogging is to keep myself up to date with my feeling of my life. I visit my blog and reading the post takes me to the past action that I had reflected in my blog. I could related the past and present.
With my limited vocabulary and broken structure of language, I oath to blog for the time to come.

Let me try to access to internet so that I can update my event of life.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

What should I do? (to attain fine behavior)

I am extremely unhappy with my behaviors. I asked myself: Am I behaving differently than a normal human behave? Am I too rude? Am I egoistic?  Am I selfish?  And do I need assistance and advice?
It is said that if we find mistakes in other, it’s not other mistake but mistake is within us. Keeping above statement in my mind, I realize and give, always a second thought before I blame to other about the mistake I observed.
Getting annoyed frequently with no reason will be my and your attitude problematic. We should know we are problematic sometime. We can’t be perfect.

What could be the solution for correction of our attitude? I believe, to obtain a train mind is the solution for correcting the problematic behaviors. Speaking about the train mind, I remember the only means to attain a train mind with the practicing of dharma. I find, there are no way we can achieve a train mind. It may depend upon the individual. You may prefer different way in achieving a train mind but I find nothing a good solution to attain a train mind by practicing dharma.
It’s my responsibilities to clear a doubt to the reader. A reader would have a question, how I can practice dharma? I say practicing dharma but it’s not necessarily that we have to wear a robe and stay in gonpa (temple).  We have to have believe and faith on root teacher (Tsa- Wa- Lam) and have a listening time on their valuable talks on Buddha teaching.

Training of my mind is my long time desire and still hoping to do that. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Friend in need is a friend in deed.

Wonderful earth is so wonderful, if the walk of our life are successful with friends around. We come on the mother earth all alone. It’s only after we expose to world, we make friendships.

Every one of us will have many friends at different corner and nook of country that we stay. 
I stand today here with bold heart in the middle of my friends. Among the friend surrounded me is Kezang Deki.
Do you ever heard of Trongsap a friendly? Whatever you say, but I say Trongsap, I meet during my college days was friendly.
trongsap zam

 Kezang Deki; a solid girl, a straight forward in talking with friends, and little timid was from Trongsa. She is friendly and share about her without hiding. She let us to realize the phrases “friend in need is a friend in deed”. The time will come when everyone as her friend will say, “she is extremely a fantastic friend during our stay with her”. I am neither praising nor let her to make happy by cooking the unreal stories.
She choose to stay as a friends anyone. In deed she has no boundary in choosing a friends. She stay and will so close with irrespective of juniors and seniors. She usually tells “I am the boss of Sangay Wangmo, Kinzang Wangmo and Karma Wangzom”. Analyzing what she tell, has nothing to believe in. she just say for the fun. I know they stay as a best friend of the world that I am astonished with their friendship.
Coming to her hardship and determination to her work, she is trustable. Her effort and endeavor to pursue her goal are perfect. She has unending determination and enthusiasm for her studies. But she gives up with no trouble, when she attend the struggle on pursuing her goal. We shouldn’t disappointed with the unrewarded for our hardship. I as a follower of Buddha teaching, always have believe in the fate. Fate dominate the society. We are under the umbrella of fate. The misfortunes come along the walk of life shouldn’t be taken as misfortune itself. Every day will never be the same, a day is reserve for your success. The only thing is the time is not yet come for your turn.

I as a friend of Kezang Deki, I shall always be her friend till my body and soul present in the earth. I shall help her in small possible way in this transient period of life.

N.B   Please readers, it’s not that she is my only friend. I will soon write each one of you, my friends. I write about her because she ask me to write as per my view point about her so that she know how she is. To Kezang, I don’t know all about you. I write as per my knowledge about you.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Writing isn't an easy task for me.

Glancing at four corner of walls in my room and thinking about what to write, when I think of writing something is the kicking off of my writing. The topic I get to write after I recollect my past event but the destruction comes along. With no good structure of sentences and limited vocabulary always pull me back as I tried to go forwarding. Planning the sequence of writing within my mind before I start to writes and those planned get unutilized when I couldn’t write as I planned.

What could be the evidence of me being backward in writing? I realize the society of the pre-primary schooling and lower secondary schooling would be a factor in destructing me in writing. When I say the pre-primary and lower secondary schooling I can’t include the factor like how teachers taught to students. Teacher performed in best possible ways as I could remembered. It is me who stay as if I know everything than teacher. Our hard work determines the shaping of our writing skills. Now only I could say is “I am regretting as I couldn’t do my part, when I was in lower classes”. But I can say I am neither late nor fast. I have a time to enhance the quality of my writing. Reading a books and writing could be the techniques that will help me.
Writing is relevant as it conveys message. The broadcasting of something, telling of anything and  many other that has no written form has no charm after it pass few days or when its memory vanished  but in written form of anything will remain the same charm if not more than before. We preserved the article that we write and read after decade, still your memory will be fresh and you will have many complement on that article which describe your situation at that time. I can simply say that writing will rewind our times of past. It is always good to reflect our past situation by writing. I regret for not having my writing when I was in lower classes. In deed I had written articles but I couldn’t preserve as I didn’t realized in those days how the writing rewind our time of past. Now let me keep on writing what so ever my writing is. Let me rewind my past by going through my writing of past in near future.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Busy days with Phase Test I

These days were busy for me. The Phase Test I made me to be busy. I was busy preparing for test with the schedule of having three tests per day.  Sleeping at late night and walking up early in the morning was what I followed past few days. With a pray of hoping my success in phase test one, I commit dedication with sincerity.

 If I to be commented on how my test was done, it was neither bad nor excellent. It was in middle of excellent and bad and it is what I will call fair. Now, I am hoping my test result to be fair. Fair in the sense, pass in all 6 modules. Among 6 modules, DSP (Digital and Signal Processing) and AC Engineering (Analog Communication) went worst compared to rest of modules. Microprocessor and Microcontroller is all among 6 modules that I could write perfectly. I was satisfied with what I write in MPMC. To let my estimation be correct, let me waits for answer sheets within few days.

struggling, my Bro.


Above was the reason that I couldn't write anything on my blog. It was almost week that I couldn't update my blog. My blog is nothing informative but it is my pleasure to write whatever I feel.  I will be keeping on writing. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

༼སྨན་ཆུང་དྲེན་པའི་རྩོམ།༽ Complied by blogger author, written by Gom Dorji.


ལེགས་པའི་སྨན་ཆུང་ཁྱོད་ལུ༎ ཧིང་ཁར་མནོ་བའི་ ཧིང་གཏམ༎
གསང་སྟེ་བཞག་པའི་གསང་གཏམ༎ འབྲི་དོ་ བུ་ཆུང་རང་གིས༎

གནམ་སྟོངམ་གནམ་གྲུའི་ལམ་ཡིན༎ རྒྱ་མཚོནི་གྲུའི་ལམ་ཡིན༎
སྨན་ཆུང་ཁྱོད་ཀྱི་དོང་ཧིང་༎ སྟག་ཤར་རང་གི་ཞིང་ཁམས༎

ཁྱོད་དང་ཕང་མ་གཏབ་དགོནི༎ ཉིད་ལམ་ནང་ལུ་ཨིན་པས༎
དངོས་སུ་གདོང་འགོར་རྐྱབ་པནི༎ ལ་དང་ལུང་གིས་བཅས་དེས༎

བུ་ཆུང་རང་གི་སྨོན་ལམ༎ དཀོན་མཆོག་གསུམ་ལུ་བཏབ་དོ༎
སེམས་འཐུན་བུ་རོགས་མཉམ་དུ༎ ལྟ་བུ་འཛོམས་པའི་རེ་བ༎

Monday, July 29, 2013


Modifying my blog page. Its taking a time as I am doing without any knowledge of where to modify, how to modify and many more. After an hour , when i could do some change in page of my blog , I am satisfied with my task.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Semester are like running stream.

                                        Semester too short for me.
Completing 8 semesters in Engineering College is too long for most of the people. The 19th July, 2011 was the first day, I reported to college to pursued Electronic and communication engineering program. I was dreaming about when I will reached 8th semesters (final year), when I saw final year students. Thinking again and again let my mind to expose in tension world. The mind in tension world get out of tension world when the Introductory night and Tag night was organized. It was nights that forget every tension. As time passed by the tension of going through 8 semesters fade and become vivid in my mind.

Now I am in fifth semester without any memory of how 4 semesters has been passed. For me semester appears to be short as summer lightning. The busy semester made semester too short. The week appears for me as day when tight schedule was present. Indeed semester was short for me. A days making weeks, weeks making month, few months ultimately making a semester was unnoticeable for busy Jigme Zangpo.

When I think of few semesters left for graduating, I am absolutely excited but on the other hand graduating with knowledge that is baseless that contribute nothing to society and help nothing to self, I feel so sorry and sad. However I am still not late to built the base that withstand the pressures of society benefit and self too in near future. The almost 4 semester I have willed more than enough for preparing my Engineering base quality a firm and good that will trust by society, if not by world. let me have trust on my capacity and will work upon building the base a firm.

The Valley misunderstand as Golden Valley

The valley sometime misunderstands as Golden valley.
Lower part of Buli Trulku resident. Zangdo pelri.
To be talked about golden valley, one should wise enough to defined the real meaning of valley on top of knowing what present in the valley. In regards to golden valley, the criteria for being the golden valley should be fulfilled. The way of considering the valley as golden valley will depends upon the individual perception. The perception that has dwells over my heart and soul for being valley as golden valley;

 World itself is illusory and happiness is illusory. In fact the word happiness is dragging way to ocean of anguish. The only way of making life a meaningful is by practicing the Dharma. Zangthi valley is overview as golden valley as the characteristic for golden valley are present. The humble people with good respect for elders, love and care for younger one and faith for everyone as a chain with unbreakable joint. The three unbelievable part of Zangthi valley bring astonish to every people who visit to Valley. In the core of the first part of valley which is the resident of Buli Trulku and upper part of Buli Trulku resident is the Drupkhang, the place for yogis for daily prayers. People spending a night at that place will ask his mind to stay one more night and will go on asking his or her mind again one more night. The only reason for loving to hold night after night is the place having the scenario of place of Buddha. Lower part of Buli Trulku resident is the resident for simple and humble people, gelongs and anums. The place is similar to upper part of Buli Trulku resident. The present of calm and peace valley throughout the year gives a sense of valley as golden valley. In fact the valley that will offer enlightens to one who resident with pure mind and practicing Dharma.

 Thinking of what the valley was and what it present made me to miss a valley and insisting my mind to visit once a year. I am happy to see that present of my body at that valley. Its gives me a satisfaction after I visit the place. My only prayers and wishes for the place is let the place become the more calm and peaceful than ever and I becoming one of the supporter of the valley to maintain the spirit of present.
Buli Trulku and Khenpo with yogis and gelongs.
Buli Trulku and Khenpo with Zangthi public.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

will I make to 5th semester?

With a mind of hurry to go for vacation, I prepare the last exam for 4th semester. Thinking back to the dated of 4th till 15th June of what I have wrote in the paper ( Exam) but couldn't say strongly that I will be back.

Hope I will be coming back to college next semester.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

No where but still in college

Its long time, I post my last article. Due to the end semester exam, I couldn't update my writing. I will be back after a month.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sorrow of 2005

Sorrow of 2005 still lingered in my heart. The unbelievable sorrow, because it was just simply unbearable which I had better experienced for past year. The stimulus of sorrow hurt me a lot and letting my heart to breaking into pieces. The sharp sorrow which can be compared with sharp knife which doesn't cut apple into piece but my heart till the bottom gives me a sense with no touch. The nonstopable thought of event of sharp sorrow is always within me.

I tried to void it but couldn't. I am back to world for second time in this life. I am confused when I say coming world for second time. I can clear my confusion when I compare who I am right now and who I was and what the condition was in 2005. I was almost dead in 2005. Having the condition that I appreciated is what I called life for second time in this life. I am who I am right now. For me being the man that going to stand before crowd was only because of my ken-cho-sum , tsa-wa-lam and family. Father, mother, brother and sisters are whom I offer my gratitude and felicitation along with pure mind. To them I have long way to go in repaying them and respect them. I thanks for them for sharing my unforgettable and unbearable sorrow of 2005.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

short moment.

Irritating moment. Friends are meant for help not for counting the number of friends for pressure with mind, I have many friends and letting other to know you are sociable. “Friend in need is friend in deed”. Every one of my friend knows that I am no good. I assume my friend thought as I act peculiarly in front of them without any hesitation be it good or bad deed that he or she may hurt. I speak whatever comes in my mouth. The word I speak is the word which come first. There is no priority of words from my mouth which to go first depending on good or bad. Remember this is the habit of childhood days. Now I am no more who I was in childhood days. I am grown up and know what is good and bad. When someone ask someone to help someone, someone turn deaf ear to someone and moment will be irritating to someone

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Different Things

      Keeping something within is safer than sharing, if it never going to fulfill.

I have kept my secret within me from day I entered in the college. I thank god for making me wiser by keeping my secret within which otherwise I would have gone wrong. But I sometime regret for keeping things within with thought that I might have fulfill if I have share to particular person that I supposed to share. Now the secret is no more secret, I have tune the word secret into exactly the opposite of secret.
They know I do have secret and knows the fact of secret specially the one that supposed to know the secret. I am neither Karma Jigdrel nor CR but Jigme Zangpo. I usually prefer to keep my name as Karma Jigdrel on many of my documents. This not because I like name and meaning of name but its just because the karma itself has great meaning in it. Karma can be name of anyone but one of karma knows that I am also karma of karma. I select karma out of hundreds of name because karma is composed of many good features. For instance people are expected to have fine behavior, good personality on top of having external beauty. With accordance with instance, karma has everything that the above cited people have. so, i love karma. I hope to see my transient life getting spend and completing with karma.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Work done for them

                               Work done for them and has time for disturbance.
During his college life, he could witness the friends called work done for them and has time for disturbance. He explains me about that event without wise and compassion words because they don’t deserve it.  What you think that in what way he has explained me?  Definitely what you assumed about his explanation to me is heading in right direction unless you have no positive assumption in this regards. You would realize the correctness of you assumption when I write few of his explanations to me.
The time for study in college started at 8:00 pm sometime but to my friend it’s not. Their time is around mid night when everybody is snoring. Instead of studying in this hour they are busy polluting the noise, if not playing something in corridor that disturbs someone.
Above is what he told me when he is in college life. Now, knowing the scenario of my friend’s college life, I develop feeling on that event.  I wonder if those guys are one without parent that has no experience of receiving advice in their life time. Not really because there cannot be guys without parent but there may one or two. Those one or two are behaving good as he said. What we should conclude about these guy. Are they hooliganisms? May be but not exactly.  May be as you know their behavior. Not exactly because they are never caught by authority. It’s better treated them as silence hooliganism. 
I am happy; the environment of college in my college is totally different from my friend’s college in term of environment.

Story told by my friend about when he was in college