Thursday, November 26, 2015

Reading his post isn’t a waste of time.

Thank you facebook page “Writer Association of Bhutan.” It was through this page I came across one inspiring writer who daily write about his life experiences and piece of encouragement to youth. Sometime a heart laughter by writing piece of joke.  His post never let me to waste my time rather it give a joy of reading his post. He writes daily. Sometime more than a post. His writing is simple but never fall to impress me for his style of writing. If you read what I am writing and you are also one of the reader of his writing, you will believe me because you too might have same feeling like me.

I have been reading his post on facebook page “Writer Association of Bhutan” long time back. A week ago, I decided to send him a friend request on his facebook account. Before I send him a request, I browsed his facebook page and found no photo of him. I guess he is elder because in his several post, he has mentioned about his children. I sent friend request and he accepted my request. Thank you la for accept. Now I can see his post on his timeline. I need not have to go to Writer Association of Bhutan page for his post.
 Did I make sense who I am talking about? Who I am talking? Could please mention his good name?

My experience and my attitude.


I know me more than anybody else. I know short tempered isn’t a good attitude. Speaking frankly, I am also the short tempered man. Sometime I regret a lot for my action out of frustration. I have tried to improve and do away with that habit. It is not an easy task do away the long time habit. Through meditation and prayer, now I could at least alert during the action and trying to control. I have improve more now. I am going to improve further via mindfulness during talk with friends. Knowing my fault is my strength but not correcting and accepting is my weakness. What is your strength and weakness? 

One semester to go.

This is me, writing exam. Thank you brother Gom Dorji for picture.
My end semester exam for the semester 7 for Electronics and Communication Engineering come to end today (26/11/2015). I am not confident enough to say I will pass all the modules before the result declare. I have a doubt for the module: Radio Frequency and Microwave Engineering and VLSI (Very Large Scale Integrated circuit) whether I will manage to get 50.
Hopefully I am hoping to get slightly more than 50.
With semester exam come to the end, my mind become totally free and feel like I am relive as if I am out of the non-ventilation house.
Now, I am left with a semester, the final semester (8th semester). Before semester begin I got to complete 41 days OJT (on the job training). I am placed at College itself. I will be working under ICT of CST.

Going out of the topic, my last update for my blog was more than a month ago. I realize I am becoming lazy. I usually update what I do. Let me come back to my usual doing. I am going to write what I do daily on my blog and let my blog be alive.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Rumors from CST scattering from corner to corner.

The recent headline in Thimphu Confession Page about CST let me to write something. I expect a problem from 800 plus students and my expectation come true. My expectation proof to be wrong when I understand how problem raised (I won’t mention problem here).

Generally speaking, today’s youth are smart in creating problem. They never listen to elders. This applies to few. Most of the youths are exceptionally good. The recent issue in CST should be within CST but due to few rotten apple it just get spread throughout the country. I wonder why they should spread the rumors. Even if rumors is true they should think they are member of CST and avoid spreading. It take many years to gain the name and fame of person but with a simple mistake the name and fame gather get collapse cruelly. CST had maintain its reputation for a decade because of good seniors but reputation collapse recently because of junior’s deed and rumors in confession page. I felt sorry for making CST a headline in social media.

Frankly speaking, student of CST are working hard to achieve what they desire. They work hard to become a capable and good engineers. I know all students of our country are hardworking students. Let us never generalize the students as problematic just because of few problem. We know there will be problematic people anywhere. Let give problematic people an opportunities to change themselves. We will surprise to see them changing to normal. Let us support them by not blaming.

Now, let us shoulder our responsibilities to serve our country. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Audience arrived. John and James is on the stage and Drama about to start.

John: Hey man, do you have a heart to hurt?
James: Yo man, are you mad? I do have heart but I won’t answer whether my heart know when and how to hurt.

John: Okey brother. Let us discuss about feelings for a while. Shall we?
James: Yeah of course but why you want particularly this silly topic. There are many interesting topic to be discussed.
John: James, forget about other topic for now. I doubt whether people really have heart because they only know about their heart. To be frank, I was hurt with my friend Oskarbe before he was hurt with me. And….(Conversation disturb in between).

James: Oh yeah. I heard Oskarbe was hurt with you John. I didn’t ask him because I know he will just tell greener part of his incident.

John: What you mean by greener part?

James: Greener part in the sense, people just talk good or right thing about themselves when they have contradict with anyone. You know I never like to listen bad-mouthing (backbiting). Anyway John, I say just forget those fucking shit.

John: Thanks brother. (Audience murmur as louder).

James and John exit. (Drama still not started)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Four-time Ballon d'Or injured.

I know you will return soon with very strong and mighty. I am waiting for your return soon. I won’t watch Barcelona match instead I will pray for your recovery. 
I was extremely sad to learn that Barcelona and Argentina star Lionel Messi was seriously injured on Saturday laliga league match against Las Palmas. Because of his torn knee ligament it was confirm that he will miss 7-8 weeks, which mean almost 2 months according to twitter tweeted by club. It was indeed a huge loss to Barcelona without star forward Lionel Messi for at least 2 months. Missing 2 months will force Messi to miss the El-Clasico, the biggest match of Laliga league which fall on end of the November, 2015.

I can’t do anything to help you to recover soon but I have for you is the deepest prayer from my bottom of heart for sooner recovery. May god know the argent need of you at Barcelona and blessed you for sooner recovery. May the prayers of your millions fans of globe will help you to recover soon. 

Friday, September 25, 2015

One last Welcome Picnic at College of Science and Technology

Twelve of September two thousand and fifteen (12/9/2015) a welcome picnic was organized by second year students dedicating to the first year students. The picnic venue wasn’t at same location as before. This time, it was at extreme end of Pasakha, beyond the Industrials estate. However the venue was perfect compare to before.

I enjoyed more. The enjoyment was beyond my expectation. Thank you organizers.

Welcome speech on Fete day

Kuzu zangpo

Respected honorable guests, director, staffs and my dear friends.

Today coinciding with college foundation day, the club NDLD (Nyedrom Dang Lokzey dekhang), the Radio Club of CST is hosting the fete day. This has been doing since 2012 on this particular day. Today I would like to thank senior members (outgoing members) of NDLD for making new culture. The main objective behind in organizing fete day is to support our club in term of financial for purchasing radio equipment.

I assure you that you will enjoy the day with host of fete day. You will end up your day with full joy and happiness playing around fete matter. You can play as well as eat upon your wish. So, I on behalf of host, NDLD would like to welcome each one of you to the event.  Have a good and enjoyable day.


Well come speech on Fashion show, CST

                                    Well come speech
This is Jigme Zangpo, 4ECE wishing you A very warm good evening and kuzungzangpo.
Respected Director, Deans, lecturers and my dear friends.

It is my great pleasure to welcome you all to the CST Fashion show for winter semester 2015.  
The Fashion show is organized by NDLD, Neydrom Dang Lokzey Dekhang. The main objectives behind for organizing is to raise fund for NDLD and of course the entertainment and to offer platform to talented students.
The very theme of CST fashion show, 2015 is on waste management.
There is a need for a complete rethinking of waste, to analyses if waste is indeed waste. A rethinking that calls for
                               WASTE to become WEALTH
                                REFUSE to become RESOURCE
                                TRASH to become CASH

Fashion has become a large part of identity making in the post-human world in which people play dress-up with their clothing. We care about what we wear a great deal because our culture emphasizes an outward appearance. Fashion changes every season, squeezing our wallets

You may not be chasing fashion but you can't be indifferent because fashion is inherent in our culture and people are always impressed by those who know the taste of trendiest trends. Our appearance depends on what we are wrapped in; fashion is about our social status, success, individualism, and good taste.

We like clothes that wear well. We dream of clothes that impress. We desire clothes that make us aggressively gorgeous
Finally, I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to the family of CST for their efforts in putting together to this event.  I would also like to wish you all an enjoyable and productive Fashion show.  

P.S Thank you google for help.

Monday, September 14, 2015

The dark side of love and Will she be mine?

 Sitting on the balcony and thinking endlessly about the only lady after I felt on her was my daily schedule. Will she be mine one day? Will she understand my feelings? The questions aroused in my mind. I want to let her know about my affection. My affection to her is not just simply for pleasure but to value the real meaning of love. What if you think beyond what human think and know what another person think about. I am certain that you will amaze to know what I think for you. The very good intention for offering my affection and running after you despite you try to neglect. Oh! My triple gem and a root teacher, could you please let her know my true feelings. I love her truly.

After more than a month, I got a day where I was extremely happy for 1000 reasons. Thank you for your time and understanding. As I heard your sweat voice over the phone call it gave me an immense pleasure and happiness. Thank you.

Your fine pretty is just enough to steal my little heart. I admire your beauty and everything. As I love you unconditionally despite you don’t value it, I sometime think is that something to do with fate. Yeah, I do believe in fate. I am sorry if you don’t believe in fate.

There will be many good-looking guys or a wealthiest guys who will love you but remember I will be the one who will love you till my last breath despite of any tough circumstances.

I got many thing to write but due to limited vocabulary it is very difficult express what I actually think. I would happy if you could listen my feelings face to face one day.

Thank you for your time. Do you have any words? Hope to hear from you soon. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

15 down to nothing in Doha stadium.

The final score line read 15:0 in favor of Qatar against Bhutan. Is that really mean 15 down to nothing? I considered 15 mistakes learned for new start. The number of goals never bother me as our Dragon boys working hard and maintaining the same game spirits till the end whistle. Thump up boys.

I was shock with score. That wasn’t my prediction. I knew Bhutan would loss but with 6 or 7 goals.

I watch Premier league (England), Laliga (Spain) and few top teams of Europe countries’ club. What I observed from those top club play is they play bit defensive while they are playing away games. Did Bhutan play defensive in away game and knowing opponent is too strong for us?

Bhutan haven’t reach high as even other Asian countries’ national team in football but our coach consider our team as high. The lineup he used and tactic he used is more than adequate to judge him as bad coach. Our team cannot effort to play as other countries team. Our play should be defensive.

15 goals is the 15 mistakes that the coach made.  

The TERM TEST I is over yet TERM TEST II in line.

Radio Frequency Band and Designation writing under process
Courtesy: Gom Dorji, Lecturer.
The life goes on so fast but busy at engineering college. Just more than a month after reporting, there comes a TERM TEST I. A semester is too short with tight schedule. I just had TERM TEST I on 1st to 3rd September, 2015. A month later, TERM TEST II will come despite of having a lot of assignments, final year project topic review and writing a final document of technical seminar in between. Again a month later there comes End semester Exam. And finally a 7th semester come to the end. A question arise in my mind, will I step up to 8th semester? Just simple to step up to next semester, pass all the modules. I am struggling to do that and I will do that.

The more relevant is grade I score. Will the grade of mine be fair, good or excellent? It is hard to have excellent but I will aim to have my grade with excellent rating.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Broken heart

You made sense but in the wrong sense. Relationship was not about wealth, power and good looking. It was about self-worth. So how long was secret affair run? You know it really doesn’t matter anyway, one day, one week, one month or one year? It was all the same. How do you see secret affair? Are they like flashfloods that would eventually subside when the rain stop?  I stopped while it is early before it reaches the critical level. However I understand, mistake wasn’t mistake for once, it is called accident. Mistake means one who repeat the wrong again and again. After all don’t hope for other to forgive you, you may not be able to forgive yourselves. You might have thought that was just accident, but I know cheating wasn’t accident. That was just starting still than you already done to me. What more if our relationship was old enough? It had already been hurt so much and also hurt a lot of people. And even if I know you didn’t want to hurt me, you still did blindly. It was really bullshit, so I stopped and we become two different people. You might be too hurt and that was what I regret, because I know love was there but trust wasn’t anymore. Now, I just want to forget all those non-sense and move on but not with the past. Year from now, I will not look back at that regret because I learned something. You may forever regret for having risk the person you love and the relationship you value.  My mistake was that I choose to love. If you can only do when nobody can see, don’t do that because some people will hurt. Now I can say, I don’t need anyone who didn’t need me. Actually you know, every action has its own reaction, I won’t be there to punish you but you will be punishing yourselves. That was the reality of samsara. Someday we will forget the hurt, the reason we cried and who caused us pain. We will finally realize that the secret of being happy and free of revenge but letting worthless to go. If train doesn’t stop on your station, remember that is not your train. I am really happy without you. 

By my friend Sithar Wangdi

One Last TAG Night at College of Science and Technology (CST)

In an engineering college relaxing program is must after an exhausting studies. So, therefore in summer semester there is a program called TAG Night. It is the program where student will buy TAG and tag their favorite girl or boy to dance. That is night where Miss CST, Miss TAG, Miss Evergreen and Mr. Gentle man will be crown. Miss CST will be crown based on talent that the first year possess (A Ram walk and question answer session will carry out for each contestant to get select as Miss CST). There will be judge form final year students to evaluate.   Miss TAG will be crown based on number of tag she tag by boys. (Highest number tag tag will be crown as Miss TAG).

The program shall remind my stay at CST and this is my last TAG night. 

One Last Introductory Night (Intro-Nite) at College of Science and Technology (CST)

Introductory night which is famously known as Intro-Nite by students of CST which is Summer Semester program which organize at CST by Third year student for welcoming new comers (First year). During the night all first year will go on the stage and introduce themselves. And jam-up session will kick off soon after introductory session.
The program which is organize starting from evening until mid-night was held this summer semester (2015) on 12 July 2015.

It was my last Intro-Nite. Besides reminding that night as my last Intro-Nite, it also reminded me of my first year Intro-Nite. I clearly remembered the night where I introduced myself on the same stage where newcomer are doing today. The interesting part of that night is when I remembered I was drunk and final year brother taking me to washroom for shower. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tshog Offering at Dudjum Dharma House.

Dudjum Dharma House is located 3 kilometer form Rindending. It was built by Dungsey Garap Rinpoche for Thorma Thshogpa.
I was very fortunate to attended Tshog Offering in Dharma house on 3rd and 4th day of the 6th month of lunar calendar. I couldn’t attend first day (2nd day of 6th month of lunar calendar). 4th day of 6th month of lunar calender is very auspicious day and mark as First Sermon of Lord Buddha.
Thank you Thorma Tshangpa for organizing the event called Tshog Bum (Reciting tshog offering for lakh times).

It was satisfying ending with song and dance. 

Welcome brothers and sisters to College of Science and Technology, CST

I welcome each and every first year  students to the College of Science and Technology, CST. May you all have a fruitful stay in CST for four years.

I welcome you all with few words which I knew from my experiences (three years form CST and one year from Spain). I am neither your father nor your mother yet I want to leave few words. I hope few words will guide you to pass your first year without any troubles.

College and school is totally different as you know more than me. Like school where teachers guide students: ask students to study and guide if student go out of track but this things may not happen in college. Lecturers will lecture the lesson but may not tell you what your teachers said. This is owing to you consider as adult.  Never trust your intelligent like what you did in school. And especially in Engineering college it is difficult to trust your intelligent. I saw many students who trust his intelligent and finally went packing his luggage from college to home. So, hard work is more important than intelligent. Keep up to date with all lecture note for any test. Trusting your intelligent and keeping everything for last minutes will ruin you, you may fail to step up to the next semester and finally reach to packing the luggage to home.

Again, one relevant thing is freedom. College and home is totally different. At your home, your parent give advice when you do mischievous things. You may also go out of track because of peer pressure in college. There will be freedom in college which may not in school but if you misuse the freedom then freedom will misuse you. No one will come behind you like home and school. You are consider as adult in college. They assume, you know what is good and bad, what to do and what not to do and what to tell and what not to tell. It is better you use freedom in wiser way before college management terminate you.
And, choose good friends. There are all sort of friends, good and bad. It is better to stay safer side by choosing good friends. Many students are ruining their life because of bad friends

Joining College of Science and Technology, CST.


After a yearlong course in Spain, I am joining CST again in final year. All my friends were pass out of CST after completing four year course. I have few friends (my batch) and juniors who I know. Many faces seems to be new to me. It is difficult to differentiate even who is final year students for me. For me everyone seems to be first year. Fortunately, I can recognize first year students during meal in dining hall as they wear gho and kira (National dress for Bhutanese) and by the position, where they dine.

Back to Bhutan after one year course in Spain.

I was late to post this note. I reached last week of June (28th June, 2015) but I couldn’t update due to busy schedule.
Everything was fine. I reached my country, Bhutan very safely without any misfortunes and suffer on the way. I am deeply thankful to my root teachers, triple gem and families for their prayers. I thank you once again to all for your prayers.

At Paro International Airport

In Thimphu, Serbithang 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

One last week in Spain before I say goodbye

It was in the month of September, 2014 where the days were very long as if like a week but today (June) the days were too short as if like an hour. Why days were becoming different? It is because the time has come where I should leave Spain very soon.
My 10 months stay in Spain shaped my tough and rough life. Thank you Interweave project.

I attend last Pinxopoti (Pinxopoti: A piece of eatable things which give along with beer in bar) on Thursday, 18/6/2015. It was nice to meet all friends of Erasmus Mundus. I wish all my friend a happy life ahead. See you in near future.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Can Bhutan tackle the unemployment problem?

Thank you government for free education. Unlike other country we don’t need to pay for the education.

Every year, unemployment rate is increasing and people complain government need to change the education system in order to do away the mismatch of skill and job available.
On this point, I would like to express my opinions. It is easier said than done. We leave a critical comment “government need to change the education system in order to do away the mismatch of the skill gain and job available” but we forget to leave how and where need a changes.
I have answer for why there is no answer for how and where systems need to change.

First question come in my mind is do we have big companies like other countries? If yes, then definitely a big companies will absorb huge citizen whereby tackling unemployment problem to certain extend. The truth is Bhutan don’t have any big companies. The unemployment rate will go on increasing.

We blame government for educating wrong skill. I ask myself, which is right skill we need to study? Do we leave any suggestion to government?  If we say wrong skill, who send aboard for studying on self-finance on different course on their own? Do we blame government for that too?   

Now, coming to becoming Entrepreneur, do we have market? Do we take interest in that field? We hardly think about becoming Entrepreneur forget about trying. It is not easy to become Entrepreneur as it required many sacrifices and risk involve as many said.

Do we need to change in way of thinking? If all we want job in government by debating you study to become somebody in office then importing of salt to everything will go on eon to eon. That is really empty opinion frequently strike to my mind.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Asia to Europe.

It was neither my dream of visiting nor I like to visit the historical places yet the circumstances reached me to the historical places.

My first stop is in Brussels, the capital of Belgium.
On day 2, we meet with Prime Minister of Bhutan. It was satisfying moment after meeting PM and listening talks at Friendship Meeting with friends of Bhutan.

Remaining day 3 to day 10 about the visit of Amsterdam and Paris will update soon.

With PM of Bhutan

Bhutanese in Europe, pose with PM

Bazarguru Rinpoche coming all the way from Paris to visit PM

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sharchop live calling show.

To keep people connect to each other through message, radio program have live calling show. The calling show in which people call to radio host and tell their message to their relatives and love one. To offer the people entertainment, radio program has live calling show. Similarly, Bhutan Broadcasting Services (BBS) have program called live calling show.

I was never alone here, as I kept on listening BBS radio through live streaming in Spain. Thank you ana Tshering Dema, the BBS host who gave me the link for live streaming. I have been listening to BBS radio particularly Sharchop program (Tshnagla lo Program) for 9 months and still a month to go.

Among the programs I listened, I had one program which I can’t forget. Time and again, I remembered that moment as I tuned BBS radio particularly live calling show. It was the night of 30th day, 11 month of Bhutanese calendar where they hosted a special program of live calling show dedicating to eastern people. The next day was 1st day of 12 month of Bhutanese calendar where eastern people celebrated the day as Chungnipa losar (I will not write about the significant of the day).  The hosts of that program were all the sharchop section host (majority was there and I am not sure of all were present or not). I tuned the BBS radio of sharchop live calling show of that night, I sensed I was listening from Bhutanese soil. As the program goes on, the more fun and joke are being cracked by hosts. It was more fun when I remembered I laughed a lot all alone in my room. I couldn’t control the laugh. Thank you hosts for the enjoyment and pleasure. Among the host was ana Tshering Dema who I met through google hangout long time back. Ana Tshering Dema is not too bad in craking joke. Ana is experienced host and she let listeners never regret listing her program. I too like her program and I always tune till end of the program if she is the host. I doesn’t mean other hosts are not good but I like when Ana host the program.

Thank you ana for reading my dedication in one of the program of reading the dedication. My parent were happy as they heard my dedication as you read out. You made my living in Spain like I living in Bhutan. I feel like I was in Bhutan as I tuned your program. Kadrinche ana Tshering. Looking for more program in the future.  

Saturday, May 23, 2015




Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Slaughter house Versus Meat Processing Unit

The ongoing debate about slaughter house to be set up in Bhutan on social media particularly in facebook groups and pages bother me a lot.
One who want to eat meat brings their own reasons to defense who don’t want slaughter house to set up. It was so funny some people even said that eat chicken because it doesn’t give oxygen but don’t eat plant (vegetable) because it give us oxygen. On the other hand those who don’t want slaughter house to set up said that animals feel the pain as we human do. Some even bring religion in between to emphasize why we should become vegetarian. In deed some people underestimate Buddhist practitioners are not vegetarian based on few who are non-vegetarian. We believe in cause and effect and our mischievous voice will answer in the long run.

Is our government wise in changing the concept when people are debating on slaughter house stating they don’t want or media are cooking the story of slaughter house?  People start debating upon seeing the government is going to start up slaughter house on media. It is not easy to understand the government yet I already understood my part. Now, government say, they never say we want slaughter house in Bhutan. They say, they will have Meat Processing Unit by importing raw meat form other country. They also said that if people are unhappy of Meat processing unit, they will do away with that plan.

Many Bhutanese are non-vegetarian. How we can be vegetarians when we live in the society of orthodox. Many Bhutanese say if the delivered mother is not feed with meat, she will not get enough protein or nutrient. The truth is there are many mothers who are vegetarians and giving birth.
Many Bhutanese proudly say that Bhutanese are hypocrite. They never want slaughter house in Bhutan but want to eat meat. I think everyone can eat meat if you like but it is no good to encourage one who don’t want to eat. Setting up Meat processing unit or slaughter house is indirectly encouraging people to eat.

There are few people who bring politics in between for debating. Please, let us never bring politics parties in between. After all animals will suffer before their body turn in to meat curry in front of us but not the politics people. Let us offer our sympathy to all the animals as per our capacities.

I hope and pray, no slaughter house or meat processing unit setting up will happen in Bhutan. I believe in government that they will do away with that plan. Let us inform the world one day that Bhutan nation is the vegetarian nation. 
Animal equality in the slaughter house .

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

WHEEL OF DHARMA, the twelve interdependent links..

Disclaimer: I copied this text and photo from the facebook. I found text more important to read once.

the twelve interdependent links..

The dependant origination is one of the basic and most important teachings of the Buddha.
Since it is regarded as part of what we call "the first Turning of the Wheel of Dharma",
it is accepted and discussed in the same way in all the different schools of Buddhism.
The Buddha said that there could be persons, who are not Buddhas, who were not taught by Buddhas, but who nevertheless are able to find out by themselves about the Twelve Links. If such persons meditate or practice accordingly, they can become Arhats on their own. They are what we call the Pratyeka Buddhas, or "Buddha for themselves".
These twelve links are not only a description of the Buddhist philosophy of how the beings originate and evolve in samsara, but it also gives the way, the path to be liberated from this circling in the wheel of Samsara.

This wheel of life painting history...
It is said that about 2,500 years ago two kings ruled in India, in the area where the Buddha lived. King Bimbissara rules over the Magada Kingdom whereas King Utrayana lived a little further. These two kings were friends, and used to send gifts to one another. King Utrayana once sent a very costly armour to King Bimbissara. It was covered with so many precious stones that it was almost invaluable.
King Bimbissara was very much disturbed because he could not think of anything precious enough to send back in return. One of his ministers suggested then that he sent some portrait or teachings of a most holy and revered person who happened to live in his kingdom : the Buddha. King Bimbissara went accordingly to ask the Buddha for permission to have his a portrait drawn and sent to King Utrayana.
The Buddha agreed , adding that not only his portrait, but also other paintings and writings should be sent to King Utrayana. It is told that the artist was first unable to draw the portrait, because the Buddha was too glorious, producing rays of light impossible to catch on canvas. Asking the Buddha what was to be done, He answered that he would put his shadow on the canvas, from which the artist would draw the portrait. It is said to have been the first image of the Buddha.
He also gave instruction for the other painting, explaining that the artist should draw circle with five divisions, in which the five different realms of existence should be depicted. It should be encircled by the Twelve Links of Interdependant Origination, and the whole circle should be placed in the hands of Yama Raja, the Lord of Death. He then gave two stanzas that should be written under the drawing.
The present of King Bimbissara was received with the greatest reverence by King Utrayana, who was so impressed that he came to pay homage to the Buddha and followed his teachings.

In the centre of the wheel, we find three animals : a snake, a cock and a pig.
The pig bites the tail of the cock, which was originally a pigeon, the cock bites the tail of the snake that bites the tail of the pig.
These three animals represent the three basic mind poisons, which are attachment, aversion and stupidity. It is believed that the snake is an animal full of hatred and aversion. The bird, and especially the pigeon, is regarded as the animal with the greatest sexual attachment. The pig was considered as one of the most stupid animals, which is why he represents ignorance.
Though they are all linked together, it is believed that hatred or aversion comes from attachment, and that attachment comes from ignorance. The starting point is thus ignorance, generating attachment and aversion. These three are placed at the centre, they are the core of the painting to denote that the whole world, the whole universe, is controlled, caused by these three basic emotions.

Around this core, there is another circle, with two parts, one half white, the other black. These two refer to the deeds, the actions we perform that can be either virtuous or non virtuous.
The virtuous actions, which are less under control of the three basic poisons, are called "white deeds", whereas actions performed with a stronger influence of the three poisons are called the "black deeds". It is said that if our actions are black, we will be reborn in the lower half of this realm, whereas if our actions are white, we will be reborn in the upper part of the 6 or sometimes 5 realms of the world that are depicted in the next circle.

The upper part starts with the world of heavens, or the world of gods.
The world of gods is believed to be of three different categories : what is called the "world of desire", the "world of Form", and the "world of the Formless". It is believed that those who have done very virtuous deeds in this world will thereafter go to the Heaven of Desire. Those who not only did virtuous deeds, but also realised a stability of mind in meditation, will go to the Heaven of Form. Those who have gone deeper in the stability of meditation but kept certain subtle misconceptions in their minds will be reborn in the Formless Heaven.
Then comes the world of the semi-gods.
The persons who have more or less performed the causes that would have led to the world of gods, but remained jealous, will be reborn in the realm of the semi-gods, where they will have to guard it and fight a lot.
Then comes the realm of the human beings.
It is attained after lots of virtuous, meritorious deeds, but is overpowered by desire.
The three lower realms are the animal world, the world of hungry ghosts, and the hells.
These three are mainly attributed to the three mind poisons, the animal world to ignorance, the preta world to attachment and hell to hatred or aversion.
It is also said sometimes that if we have performed any action very strongly motivated by any of these three poisons, we will be reborn in hell. A lesser motivation will lead us to the realm of hungry ghosts, and a lighter motivation would cause rebirth in the animal realm.

Around this circle, we find depicted the Twelve Links of Interdependent Origination..

The first Link is ignorance represented by an blind old woman.
Ignorance is the basic, original cause of Samsara. It is represented as an old woman because it is said that our ignorance is very old, going back to beginningless times. And the nature of this ignorance is that we cannot see, we cannot understand, which is why the old woman is blind.

The second link is volition , represented by a man making clay pottery. Volition is actually the force that leads to action. It is more or less like karma, the desire that makes us work, do things. Here it is depicted like this, because volition originating from ignorance makes us perform certain actions, so that we are born into different places and realms. What we will become depends on what kind of actions we do, like a potter himself designs what he makes.

The third link is consciousness represented by a monkey. The monkey is one of the most mobile, active kind of animals, and likewise, our consciousness cannot stay anywhere for long..

The fourth link is what we call "nama rupa", or name and form, depicted as a man crossing a river with a boat. Name and form mean the five skandhas or aggregates that constitute a being, at the initial stage.
This stage comes actually just after consciousness. It is the process of becoming. Consciousness enters the form, which is just about to be born. It is depicted in such a way because name and form serve the consciousness in order to constitute a being, just like the boat is used by the man to cross the river.

The fifth link represents the five or six senses, illustrated by empty houses. The senses are like an empty village that the traveller can cross. Wherever he finds an empty house, he can stop and rest. In this way, the senses give the consciousness a place to rest, to stay for a moment before going on. This is why they are depicted as empty houses. The six senses are the abode, the base of the six consciousnesses.

The sixth link is touching, the contact between the object and the senses coming together, depicted as a couple kissing.
The seventh is the feeling generated by the contact, depicted as a person with his eyes pierced by an arrow.

The eighth one is attachment illustrated by a man drinking. It is said that when you drink, you can never be fully satisfied. Attachment can never be fulfilled. It is produced by feeling.

The ninth link is the grasping depicted by a man plucking fruits from a tree. The next stage after attachment is grasping, which forges the final kind of impression for your next birth.

In consequence, the tenth stage is what we call becoming, represented by a pregnant woman. At this stage, we have experienced the grasping, and the force is such that there is no other way but to take a new birth, all the relevant effects and causes have been gathered.

The eleventh stage is birth, a woman giving birth to a child, which needs no further explanation.

The last twelfth link is means old age and death, an old man carrying a dead body. As soon as one is born, one is carrying the burden of one's own death.

All these things are placed in the mouth of Yama Raja, the Lord of Death, because nothing in Samsara, nothing in the world can be permanent, it is all impermanent.

There is a moon drawn in the right upper corner which depicts Nirvana. If we practice or meditate upon these twelve links in reverse order, we can attain Nirvana. On the left side Lord Buddha is pointing to the moon, which represents the teachings of the Buddha, that indicate the way to reach Nirvana.

In the original drawing, , the two stanzas written at the bottom said :
"Take this up and give this up, enter the Buddha's teachings as an elephant in a lotus pond, destroy the forces of the Lord of Death. He who mindfully engages in this way of discipline will bring the end of suffering."

Friday, May 15, 2015

My village, Zangthi.

Zangthi, Gonong, Serjong and Tashiphu



Serjong and gonong




I will narrate the story about Zangthi and its branch villages how it got name. I still remembered, I wrote about how Zangthi and its branch of villages got name when I was in class V in the subject Social Studies. I thank you my father for narrating about it.
It was in the place where irrigation field below Gonong village. In that place, it was believed to present the pot of copper (Zang ga taw). And our grandparent called the place name as ZANGTHI. I have no clear idea, how name Zangthi has called to our current ZANGTHI.
There was the place among all the places where sun arise before than any other place. Hence the place is called as GONTHONG. Current village Gonong is supposed to be GONTHONG. Gradually, the pronunciation get altered from GONTHONG to Gonong.
And it was believed to have a ‘pot of god’ in one place. Grandparent named that place as SERZHONG. It is the current village Serjong. Similarly, pronunciation get altered form SERZHONG to Serjong.

People were cultivating crops for their survival. There was one place where they could harvest good crops. The crops they harvest was very good. Hence the place was named as TASHIPHUKPU, the current village Tashiphu.

Above short story was what I wrote when I was in class V. I will ask our parent about remaining villages like Tshonthang, Rasuthang, Makhang and Mesikhang and will write about it.

Thank you for your time

Jigme Zangpo

Friday, May 1, 2015

Homage to the teachers of three times: Past, Present and Future.

Teacher, teacher oh my teacher
You are the boundlessness
Nothing great I could find to compare thee
We bow before you as a homage

A student’s hurdles and darkness
You guide a way to overcome the hurdles
Giving a light on the way of hurdles
Kadrinche to all esteemed teachers

Where we are today?
If we say we are successful
There is only one word behind
The “teachers” of three times: Past, Present and Future.

No one will be successful
Without a boundlessness, the teachers
Long time ago, an enlighten of Buddha
It was simply because of teachers.

The countless teachers come in my life
To shape the roughness of my life
To realize the true meaning of life
Kadrinche to all esteemed teachers

Today, I take an opportunity to express my heartfelt thankfulness to teachers of three times: past, present and future for your valuable knowledge. May you have a long life. May god almighty bless you for your good health.
I thank you to all the teachers and happy teachers’ day.

Tashi Delek.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

The very Fact behind the difference between meat and apple. Difference between meat and vegetable

They got their own reason for defending before they eat meat. They say many insects are being killed when we consume vegetable and therefore it is better to eat meat.
Now, let us look at example. Let us consider cow and cabbage. A cow eat grass to survive. A cow walk to have grass. Can we count how much a cow might have kill insect while eating grass and walking. It will be more than insects on the cabbage.
We also know the fact that a cow has parasite on its body. When a cow is kill, all parasite will die. It is unimaginable that how much insects are killing before cow reach in front of us as a meat.

When a cabbage is cut for consuming, it never say “ala or atsa (expressing pain)”. The fact behind is cabbage don’t have soul.
When a cow bring to slaughter house for killing, we notice the rolling tear from its eyes. A cow try to escape when it see other cows are killing. It is very clear with the rolling tears and trying to escape from killing scene that a cow has mind like human. A cow has fear like we human has when somebody threating to beat us. A cow feel the same pain like human do. We can’t even resist with minor pinch. We know how much minor pinch give us the pain. But can we imagine when someone want to kill us.  
We are Buddhist and believe in Buddhist teaching. Are you Buddhist and do you believe in teaching?  The great master of Buddhist said that all the animals are our parent once in previous life. Eating meat is like eating our parent’s meat. Respect our parents of present and previous parents as well. We tend to find tastier which has more negative effect. It is because of ignorance.

To non-Buddhist. Avoiding meat eating is not only with Buddhist followers but also non-Buddhist should do. Do you feel the pain when you hit by other or hit yourself mistakenly? Are you happy if you suffer? Are you happy when your parent are suffering? Are you happy if your friends are suffering? Will you happy when someone try to kill you? Do you have a fear of dying?
Based on above few questions, now we need to correlate with a cow which you take it as a beef. A cow has a pain when it get hit. A cow suffer with pain as we do. A cow fear of dying as we do. A cow feel unhappy as its friends are killing.
The simple reason for avoiding meat eating is just because of pain.
We human are the civilized animals on the earth. We human are cruel animals on the earth if we are taking animal’s life for the pleasure of our taste bud.

So, let never assume like vegetable has insects and better to eat meat. We can go on our way. Eat vegetables or meat. It is up to our choice but never influence other people with false information.
Respect our parent of three time, past, present and future.